Interpersonal Relationships

One of the things in any campaign is the need to figure out what is going on.  From proto tribal conflicts and alliances to the Middle ages Byzantine political machinations to far flung Interstellar connections when players get involved they need sometimes to figure out who and where to put their limited resource of attention.  So over a campaign, no matter where it is set, in order to look for subtle and to track overt actions sometimes you need to map things out.

The picture included in this post was for a White Wolf Vampire the masquerade  campaign I was in. This diagram was started by my buddy Mike (playing a Ventrue) in our Gm Wayne’s Las Vegas campaign in response to the complex relationships we were running across.  I took it and with my Nosferatu called Steven amped it up with the notes I had been taking in character as well and ended up with this.

That campaign ended well enough.

And Steven became the mentor for Lance Ripper in the following campaign.  Unfortunately… the new campaign involves a “revolt” by the Ventrue in Las Vegas under the power of someone who might be 6th or higher generation.

I shudder at mapping the web of power for 80% of the Ventrue in any city.


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