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Learning from other players

Learning from other players

Wendy Reischl is at it again, this time though I am just going to point out a few good ideas she utilized during the game.  The easiest to point out is her utilization of the name tent for her character: on the side facing other players she has the character names on the side facing her telling her to call the gentleman across the table from her Illuminatus and next to her is Force Majure.

Part of the reason why I like to show this from our filming of the promo material is because this is a tip from a good player that can really help other players. Because it doesn’t matter if  the person playing the other characters match the descriptions or actions (though as Roleplayers we would hope so in the latter case) the player using the tent this was has a way to easily and accurately get the information fast.  And that is a good thing during a game.

Photo Credit goes to Wendy Reischl.

The Third Chaos God

The Third Chaos God

(As a side note it is pretty odd that the Day I remember to post this is also the day I have a very vivid dream about making weapons including a blued steel sword that could be altered like some sort of awesome tool with measurements like a yardstick. But on with the real show….)

Keeping in line with previous Chaos Gods Here and here I present:


Lesser god


MOVE: 14″ # 24”







SIZE: L (8’)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: All who advance the causes of technology and things over life and the living. Warriors who venerate weapons are especially favored.

SYMBOL: Forge (Atomic)

PLANE: Ethereal

CLERIC Group: 10th level in each Sohei and Druid

FIGHTER Group: 10th level Samurai

MAGIC-USER Group: 12th level in Alchemist and Necromancer

THIEF group: 14th level Thief

OTHER group: 8th level Bard


S: 25(+ 7, +14) I: 2W: 1D: 18 C: 2CH: 12

The Thing of Things is an ‘it’ who disdains life as being less than the things. The Thing appears as an 8 foot tall hybrid of flesh/metal/undefined compound golem with a glassteel appearing apetureless helm and the characteristic flowing facial features of these Lords of Chaos. (Those who have seen the Powered battle armor from Gamma world would recognize it as such).  It seems to be aggressive in combat able to fire bolts of energy from rods attached to his arms (laser rifles).  It has the powers and/or abilities of any Magical item up to six a round (including Artifacts, though he will not try to permanently improve himself using this power) in addition to using those bolts. (Some of his favorite choices are firing off six wands of Wonder/A wonder, or using five Spheres of Annihilation and a Talisman of the sphere, 6 sets of maximized Darts of the Hornet, etc…) and he may Command any Golems, or other constructs (up to, including and beyond the Mighty Servant of Leum-Ko) within 200” ‘telepathically’ as if they were loyal servants of his so long as they do not have souls bound to them.

He also may sacrifice his two energy attacks to activate a power that sets off one charge from all technological and/or magic items in a 20 foot radius once per round and continuing to do so for one turn.  This may somewhat benefit the targets (as the items can affect the nearest target especially In the case of potions) but make certain to check for things like potion miscibility. Wild mages cannot influence this ability even on wild items in their possession.

This Thing is worshipped as a source for all things (which predates places and people according to the doctrine of this branch of Chaos).  The only known way to attract this things attention is to eliminate an entire tribe/family the venerator is a part of using a single device and then asking for The Thing of Things to give the character that did this a better device.  This is a part of The Thing of Things conflict with aware creators, ignoring them as outside of his sphere while recognizing that they do contribute to his sphere.

He smells of graphite out of combat, after a thunderstorm (ions) in combat, and unless he is being silent he sounds as if all of the gears in the world are humming along together.


Top ten reasons why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful…

Top ten reasons why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful…

I am a bit behind with posting, so for a few Days I’ll be posting extra previous material. This is something I first wrote a few years ago ( when we had a dog) as a bit of humor about a superhero having a lap dog as a pet.

10. Walking the dog is innocent appearing exercise for endurance building for later getting ready to beat up criminals.

9. Superheroes never have to get a dog down from a tree.

8. In all the horror movies the pet does give you some clues as long as you can separate out the red herrings from the real dangers. Cats, not so much.

7. I get points with my wife for taking care of it.

6. Having your Wife’s dog get endangered is much better than having your Wife endangered.

5. Having a pet with Striking Appearance: Really Cute is as good as, if not better than, you having it.

4. You can combine walking the dog with neighborhood crime watch duties and the leash could become an improvised weapon/restraint device.

3. With a creative power skill roll he can become a distraction for use against my enemies.

2. He’s a Dependent NPC Incompetent Normal no Useful skills… that’s worth more points right?


And the number one reason why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful is….

1.       He could cause the accident that causes me to gain (or change) Super Powers.



The Place of the Second God

The Place of the Second God

Related both to Manypeople and TKA posts previously a single note about these divinely designed characters should be cautioned against.  They are not part of the standard Demonic or Devils or other classical mythos.  They stand upon their own perhaps most easily found where the seams of the planar junctions occur.  But there home is those dimensions that are completely swallowed by Chaos and have come forth for their own reasons.

The Worm of Places

Lesser god


MOVE: 14″ # 24”







SIZE: H (24’ Long)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: Travelers who seek new places, those who seek to leave behind their problems and others. Civil engineers, especially maze builders, Minotars, Morkoths &Thouls.

SYMBOL: Wall, Knotwork and Mazes and often all three combined.

PLANE: Elemental Planes

CLERIC Group: 8th level Shujenka

FIGHTER Group: 15th level Anti-Paladin

MAGIC-USER Group: 18th Level magic user

THIEF group: None

OTHER group: None


S: 20(+ 3, +8) I: 16 W: 16 D: 18 C: 2CH: 8

Reasonably defined as a female she is an answer to the question of what does chaos call an earth mother figure. Appearing as a variant on a purple or mottled worm composed almost entirely of lines that do not meet she uses this ability however for a sort of stealth ability despite her great size rendering her 50% likely to be undetected when she first appears (aside from her racial special abilities which should be applied also to the encounter).  While in combat she attacks as a Purple Worm seeking to devour her prey with gusto alternating with summoning allies and casting spells.  Devoured prey discover themselves inside a pocket dimension from which only a Wish may extract them while a Limited wish, Alter reality or similar magics will allow them to discover an challenging, adventure worthy, path out.

Out of combat she is constantly and sleeplessly on the move and lays one egg a turn while during each round of combat she automatically lays egg from the excitement.  Within turn (randomly determine down to the second and if needed alter effects based upon circumstances) each egg has a 10% chance of becoming a subterranean random encounter, 15% become a vein of extractable material in whatever it is in contact with (90% of which are only interesting and rarely mildly valuable, 10% turn the vein into a quality material of some sort [ranging from salt, gold, electrum etc. to gems or even magical materials], 10% alter the current area to another state of matter Equal chance of Solid, Liquid, gas, plasma)  50% simply fade to nothingness and 5% are of pure chaos wiping out anything it can reach within 10’ of its final location unless a save vs. breath weapon is made.)

She possesses all the racial abilities of all Purple Worm creatures, Gnomes, Dwarves and Halflings including all variants and subterranean versions of these creatures and those abilities that may be excluded by classes she possesses. Her breath is sometimes described as smelling like a sort of earthy combination of a mild cinnamon, bourbon and earth.


The First Chaos God Displayed

The First Chaos God Displayed

A while back I decided to build really chaotic gods when I was looking at revising TKA in order to Convert him to HERO System.  Review of the system is pretty important when you are doing characters and building something new can be a way to refresh the long rusted skills before you try to mesh two sets of game rules.

And sometimes you just have fun with bending the rules.  So here is the least of the Chaotic Gods I built.




MOVE: 18”



DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2d8/2d4/2d4




SIZE: M (6’)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: All humanoids are allowed and encouraged except Dopplegangers

SYMBOL: perfect humanoid

PLANE: Prime Material Plane

CLERIC Group: 7th level Shaman

FIGHTER Group: 19th level Bushi, 18th level oriental Barbarian

MAGIC-USER Group: 12th level Wu Jen

THIEF group: 18th Yakuza

OTHER group: None


S: 18/00 (+3/+6) I: 16 W: 16 D: 2C: 16 CH: 25

Manypeople is the representation in charge of those who are people-ish things according to this branch’s doctrine (that was the last thing to come into being thus the youngest and ‘weakest’ god is in charge of those who are the last to come forth). He has a very round bulbously defined head giving others the impression he has a very thin neck while appearing to be a broad bodied stumpy limbed creature in his true form. He may assume the innate powers and appearance of the most powerful members of any of the races at a time without regard to gender so long as they are true bipeds (includes undead, excludes that which is in The Things of Things sphere or the powers that duplicate the Worm of Places powers). In his true form he smells like the unwashed masses at a distance.

During combat he generally attacks by casting spells to aid himself and his allies before charging in and laying about himself with a high degree of carelessness to himself and his allies. When rolling for possibility of hitting, a natural result of 20 on any die roll for the ‘to hit’ enables him to roll to strike again with the same attack.   When rolling for damage upon any maximum result from any die (4’s from each die of damage for his fists, and 8’s from each d8 for his kick) roll that die again and add to the damage dealt.  Both of these abilities are ad infinitivium and are in addition to other class and skill based abilities as well as campaign norms (such as allowing for critical successes in combat). These advantages do not count while using weapons.

He may steal any one class ability from anyone targeting him in combat with one per target per round. He gains those benefits while denying them to others; this does not apply to hit points.  He may cancel any telepathic/ESP/mind reading or mental influence abilities within 100’ by sacrificing one of his lesser damaging attacks in order to gesture in a way that damages the reception.  By chanting random sounds he may force all of his opponents to re-roll any attack roll of 20 on the die and take the lesser roll, and any damage die that deals max damage against him likewise must be rerolled and  the lesser result taken.