Learning from other players

Wendy Reischl is at it again, this time though I am just going to point out a few good ideas she utilized during the game.  The easiest to point out is her utilization of the name tent for her character: on the side facing other players she has the character names on the side facing her telling … Continue reading Learning from other players

The Third Chaos God

(As a side note it is pretty odd that the Day I remember to post this is also the day I have a very vivid dream about making weapons including a blued steel sword that could be altered like some sort of awesome tool with measurements like a yardstick. But on with the real show....) … Continue reading The Third Chaos God

Top ten reasons why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful…

I am a bit behind with posting, so for a few Days I'll be posting extra previous material. This is something I first wrote a few years ago ( when we had a dog) as a bit of humor about a superhero having a lap dog as a pet. 10. Walking the dog is innocent appearing exercise … Continue reading Top ten reasons why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful…

The Place of the Second God

Related both to Manypeople and TKA posts previously a single note about these divinely designed characters should be cautioned against.  They are not part of the standard Demonic or Devils or other classical mythos.  They stand upon their own perhaps most easily found where the seams of the planar junctions occur.  But there home is … Continue reading The Place of the Second God

The First Chaos God Displayed

A while back I decided to build really chaotic gods when I was looking at revising TKA in order to Convert him to HERO System.  Review of the system is pretty important when you are doing characters and building something new can be a way to refresh the long rusted skills before you try to mesh … Continue reading The First Chaos God Displayed

Thinking about the Show in a different way.

Filming Today.  Trying to stay calm.  But it can be difficult. So I am thinking about the different experiences people might have in gaming that could be a point to show off.  I know there used to be groups who did actively pursue winning gaming Tournaments.  That memory gets me to thinking about the vast … Continue reading Thinking about the Show in a different way.

So I sat down and Drew

One of the things about me is when I work on something I draw.  Frequently, a great deal.  I tell stories to myself. I think about the character and rationales behind decisions and from that source I get and do very many things.  Questions come and go decisions are made and some characters gain potential limitations and … Continue reading So I sat down and Drew