Game inspired Comics 5: LRPC5

These panels are something of a homage to the engineers and applied science types I play(ed) with.  From the legendary prowess of people like Jim Wampler to my own neighborhood friends with a little too much knowledge of explosives and other engineering related feats and just a smidgen too little experience about how dangerous “it” could be…

And exactly who you wanted around for whatever potentially madcap plan you had, because they had a much better chance of pulling things off that were awesome than not. That Slim is willing to be a trigger man after the engineer ducks and covers simply confirms his nickname.


This is also the last of this series.  Shortly after, work intruded and I had to not wait to pick up my future wife from her work.  Of course in the end it all worked out as far as I am concerned (I got the Girl).  But hey, gamers having fun is the best part.





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