Game inspired Comics 4: LRPC 4

One day a table was needed elsewhere and the table was removed leaving a circle of about 9 empty chairs in the Game store back corner. Gamers so being the sort to leave no humorous opportunity unturned there were a few comments noting the similarity to the circle and addiction recovery groups.

Of course the seats were empty, much like holding an Al anon meeting at a bar.

Then I came up with the idea for a reverse Dice Tower concept for the high count dice games (Earthdawn especially comes to mind). Load up the dice chamber and when you pulled the trigger the weapon released the contents to spill out on the table.


Viola!  Instant less tamperable results for the big dice quantities games.  Because the dice would be loose inside a specific chamber of the weapon (like a weapon casing) the Gm could even shake or have shaken the gun in order to certify randomness.




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