Game inspired Comics Part 3: LRPC3

One of the things the LRPC did was try to raise money to support the group.  They created the +1 Bookmark of Doom and for $1 you could get your very own laminated +1 Bookmark of DOOM!  Great, fun, idea but once you had a few of these you really didn’t need any more, a problem with sales tied to limited utility.

Of course it was just a bit of fun but someone did mention the Bookmark as a way to let Dm’s kill off characters by hitting a player with the bookmark but it was a on shot trick.  Thus when Toby ticks off Clifford he tries to boot out Toby’s character according to the Meta rules for the LRPC.  Only to be ‘defeated’ by Slim’s “Heroics”.

The other little bit is that some groups have/develop little rituals for loss of a character. Some of these are a little more than hanging on the wall for a week or two.  Others can be very complex (laying the miniature in state on a piece of statuary) or destructive (such as ripping a character sheet in two).  Laden with Symbols this act can be cathartic or demonstrative.

Of course, in the Gamers Comic it gets taken to an extreme…




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