Skills left off of Heroic Tourney

When working on the base formation of Heroic Tourney there are plenty of sub skills that were ‘left off’ of the judging of players.  Some ideas were rejected because of lack of interest others were out of the focus for the show.

A lot of great Players have certain skills like promptness, timing, analysis or hundreds of others skills at many different levels.  There are also some skills that would be difficult to measure such as Friendship, Loyalty, Dedication, Community and many others just as or more nebulous but valued strongly still.

Other skills valued yet uncategorized for their contribution currently include ideas such as Character Design, Hosting, and quite a few others.  After a while the sub division of skills can become problematic.  We also only have a limited amount of time to give opportunities to players.

So Heroic Tourney has five skills chosen to focus upon and display.  Just one of hundreds of choices.

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