First Character:TKA

Tarn Kor Avire is my oldest character I have a copy of from probably 82-ish I know I played characters under my older brother but those sessions were from the D&D Basic Set and boy howdy was my older brother imaginative. So imaginative I don’t think any of my characters survived.

Much like the Great Brain books By John D. Fitzgerald with my older brother as The Great Brain, I may not have an ordinary brain but I humbly know I’m not the smartest guy in the room.  And the thing is, that can be a better gift than just about anything else.

It still doesn’t beat the gift of learning about Roleplaying games.

Eventually Tarn surfaced and I played him with my high school buddies. The family would occasionally go to Arcades to play video games (Aladdin’s). Typically at the mall.  However my Name usually breaks down to 4 letters (though I was called Lex) it never fit with me being a gamer, arcade or otherwise. So I was experimenting and one high score I put in TKA. It felt, better so I started using it.  Guess I always enjoyed having a Secret identity or two.

And I still use TKA on occasion if I end up with a video game high score.

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