Gaming Inspired Comics: L.R.P.C.

Once upon a time…  is as good of a place to start as any because this piece of art has a story behind it.  When I was dating my future wife I was stuck waiting for her near Harlan and 44th in Wheatridge.   44th is a bit of an odd duck of a street between Sheridan and Wadsworth.  You could at the time find two gaming/comics store near there, an Antiques mall, a coin collectors shop, and the run down mall (at the time) possibly all due to Lakeside amusement park.  There still is towards Wadsworth from Harlan a Scuba training spot, a primarily sports collectables store and a little bit south on Wads from 44th there is a video game store and Black and Read’s own Saturday only shop.  North of there is another antiques mall but I digress.

Being attracted to gaming stores I started spending time at the old Valhalla’s Gaming store right near there. And there was a group that met in Valhalla’s on Friday afternoons that really inspired the comic, called the Lakewood Role Players Core they met in Wheatridge and had fun those days.  Attached to this blog as well as the other 4 strips are my own answer to the question of “How weird can gamers be at a gaming store?” inspired by just the question as well as because I figured I did not know how long I could attend because of work schedules.  So I just created the comic as a way to introvertably participate.

Many of the stores from that time are gone, especially Valhalla’s but I and the LRPC had fun and that is really all that matters.

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