Christmas Gamers Movie

Though Still early in December, there is a Movie I would recommend for every gamer to watch every year at Christmas time:  A Long Kiss Goodnight.  It contains a lot of standard tropes (from amnesia to detectives being really smart) and plenty of smart action, as opposed to big action.

There is also a wealth of well written, defined, if tragic characters.    The encounter situations also really grow the characters while being this still astonishing round after round of uncomfortable scenarios.  And those scenarios are excellent to draw upon for understanding how PC’s stand out from NPC’s.

This movie is definitely not a press play and forget movie to set kids down in front of, closer to a PG13+ sort of movie.  And the discomforting scenes mentioned earlier are part of what makes it art because you are supposed to feel emotions, even discomfort, in art.

Sure, things like Amnesia suffering CIA operatives, Ex cop turned Detective, twisted origin stories of who created who, a countdown timer and bad and good being mutable concepts might seem tired tropes but these are handled well. In standard Christmas movies the tired trope is X-mas is in front with a huge X; this movie shows how to add flavor and depth by dancing with (rather than revolving around) a theme while letting the story itself shine.

The story also lets the characters save Christmas for a whole town without any more magic than is in the depths of the human heart of a pair of unlikely adventurers.



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