What makes Players Great? Part II



Part of Heroic Tourney is seeking what makes a Player Great.  In order to find great players there has to be a level of quantification.  After getting the basics for Roleplaying squared away I also knew it needed supporting skills.  With more deliberation I boiled it down to defining one of four supportive skills to Roleplaying as:

Minds Eye (Imagination and story support) This category is not only keeping track of things such as relative positions but comprehending the other characters and the GM’s creation. 

Basically can the person realize and reinforce the other creations around him by interacting with them sensibly?  Do they get their buddy is playing a Drow matriarch and the girl on the other end of the table is balancing the sexlessness of her rock creature while remaining true to exploring genders from the perspective of a genderless race?  Can they draw out the person mechanically present but not actively characterizing Nameless the Fighter if need be while letting them be themselves?

As a supporting skill to Roleplaying it is a part of what makes things possible with less.  Our modern systems arguably grew out of armies and sand tables.  As the physical needs shrank the games grew more portable to where now the games are commonly as portable as the randomizing mechanic.

So my question is: What do you think makes a Player a Great Roleplayer?

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