Fir Bolg Part III

This is the more heavily nuanced section about Fir Bolg (AKA Alesander “Sandy” Mirror)  much of the reason behind the more elaborated detail (some might say belabored) on the character sheet is because of the way the HERO system is designed.

Building a character in HERO has been likened to everything from arcane math to a chore.  But in reality it is about playing a game.  Mixing and matching the skills and powers to create the character you want (and not necessarily min-maxing either) is part of the fun.

From there your character and playing skills get tested in a game that hopefully expands across multiple sessions becoming an enjoyable, reminiscent worthy, campaign that a well built character thrived in.  The Character of course breathed life into by the skills of the player.


Base of Operations: Alesander “Sandy” Mirror Sandy’s powers tend to push him to the forefront of a battle. The Wand is indestructable difficult to detect and stores the energy from many attacks to use later. Fir Bolg has supernatural strength and resistance to damage which also causes an energy diffraction that can do environmental damage and protects his secret identity.  He is trained in American weapon arts.  Fir often serves as the rallying point for a group of heroes.  Sandy has allways been mystically “aware” but nothing else until the Mystic World experienced a Disaster of unprecedented proportions.  Sandy got empowered by the Chaos and was swept into that conflict. During those early days Sandy was allied with three of his friends in the Dallas are as they chose to make a difference in the lives of themselves and others by taking their powers to fight crime. Most of the other Altered beings Chose to take their powers and carve a new life under Dallas. Understanding the Protective Orders place in ‘Normal’ Society Survey
Group Affiliations: Protective Order He will probably arrive at the Bus Stop in the local city with little more than his backpack full of personal items and the dust of Trinity City still on his shoes. has been developed in response to their areas of mundane interests & abilities. Seen more as Anchors to normal society as well as places to go to for investigation purposes. Fir Bolg: Western Den City, Hispanic, Irish & Italian ethnicities, does plenty of foot patrolling. Fir isn’t big on Space either way.  1. Real Name: Alesander “Sandy” Mirror
Campaign name: GM Notes:Character wise this character is more similar to the Captain America type of hero than the Thor type. The low inv to repersent Caps defensive capacity and Str for Cap’s offensive(martial arts) capacity with The Wand and Cap’s Shield being about even. This character tries to come close to the style of Cap at the begining of his run in the WWII comics. Often as a pre-combat warm up The Wand Wielder will tensely twist The Wand trying to break the Enchanted Item (to no avail of course). 2. Superhero Name: FirBolg
3. Gender: M
Characteristics + Powers + Skills, Perks and Talents’ Total Character cost Base Points + Available from disadvantages + Experience ‘ Maximum Concealing his secret identity: Fir Bolg as long as he is under direct observation appears to be an average person very similar to his base description. When not being directly observed the memeories of Fir Bolg begin to develop a hazy dream like state. Soon the person trying to recall what Fir Bolg looks like begins to have no clearer image than someone the observer dreamed of. Cameras and other technological devices seem to have trouble focusing on him. Speculation is that this is a side effect of the energy diffraction resulting from his Invulnerability. 4. List your friends (please list separated by semi-colons, use real names if you know them, spouses and significant others count as friends): Jessica Trueheart; Jerome Gardner (boss); Captain Am II, Elizabeth Yank; Trooper, Carol Fey; Wardlock, William Locksley; Wyvern, Shannon Allen; Mainspring;
Val Characteristics Cost Base Points Roll Notes: 5. Religion: Baptist, no wait, Methodist
31 Strength x1 10 4 HTH Damage  in d6’s * Characters who have Russian knowledege could identify the pins worn on the cap.” 6. What type of school did you attend (public, private, homeschool, etc): Thomas Jefferson Highschool In Trinity TX, including college Brookhaven Community College
13 Dexterity x3 10 OCV:      DCV: 7. Country of birth: USA
14 Constitution x2 10 8. Method of transportation: my own two feet usually otherwise publiic transport.
16 Body x2 10 9. Which of the following teams/clubs do you think your character would have joined in high school (say yes after all that apply)? National Honors Society Basketball Tennis Cross Country Volleyball Soccer maybe D&D club yeah, founding member in HS & College! Student Council Astronomy
13 Intelligence x1 10 per Roll
14 Ego x2 10 ECV
12 Presence x1 10 Pre Dice:       d6
14 Comliness x1/2 10
7 Physical Defense x1 Str/5 Resistant:        Total: School Type Public
7 Energy Defense x1 Con/5 Resistant:        Total: Birth Country USA
4 Speed x10 1+Dex/10 6 7 8 9 10 11 Transportation Bus
9 Recovery x2 (Str/5)+(Con/5) Clubs Soccer; DnD; Student Council; Astronomy Club
Endurance x1/2 Conx2 Fav. Movie Genre Sci-fi
Stun x1 Bd+(St/2)+(Cn/2) Fav. Book Genre sci:fi/fantasy
Run x2 6″ x2 non-combat multiplier Favorite Movie/Book (Specify) Hero System 5th Edition (Book)
Swim x1 2″ x2 non-combat multiplier Method to contact friends Cell Phone
Vertical leap Spl. Str/10 x2 non-combat multiplier Introvert or Extrovert Introvert
HLeap Spl. Str/5 x2 non-combat multiplier Favorite Subject Literature
Characteristics Total Cost: College Major I don’t know
Powers: Fir Bolg in a fit of pique and understatement, gave his weapon the nom de gurre of “The Wand” Source Of Power: Mystic incident
26 Invulnerability: This power has a side effect of the chaos wave exposure. This is something of a mystic shunt, energies that attack him are diverted in part to “The Land”, becoming almost an attack on the environment: Armor +7 RPD/+7 RED, Hardened (+1/4) 26/26 37 “The Wand” : 75 active point Multipower (OAF, Unbreakable, Universal, Mystic Weapon Big Club -1)
17 the Clothing typically worn by The Wand Wielding Wizard of War suffered from the same sort of effects as Sandy thus, some of his Invulnerability is somewhat transferable to people that he has chosen: Floating advantage UBO 1 at a time, self also (+½), persistent (+½), ranged (+½), Activation roll (determine per by piece of clothing worn, depends upon how undressed Fir Bolg is willing to get: max of 15- often less -1/2), Real armor Limitation (-¼), OIF: (-1/2) Clothing is also Invulnerable SFX: Clothing is removed and worn by target 39/17 7m Absorb Damage I: +11RPD/+11RED Hardened (+1/4) armor, 17 points of power defense Hardened (+1/4) and 5 points of Lack of Weakness for five defenses upon the wand. The SFX is attacks that hit “The Wand” are absorbed, this is the default for the weapon and is in addition to being “unbreakable”
6 A Good Leatherman: 1 pip HKA, OAF (-1) plus :+1 Overall Skill Level, Doesn’t Affect CV (-1/2), OAF (-1). 5+10=15/2+4=6 7m Absorb Damage II: 5d6 physical damage Absorption, Physical feeds end reserve, Trigger (+1/4) only when “The Wand” is used to block incoming attacks.
21 Reflective Shunt: Fir has learned a trick whereby he can reflect damage back at an attacker. 3d6 Drain attackers Focus based defenses, All Physical defenses one at a time (+1/4), Must be attacked (-3/4) 37/21 7m Deal Damage: 9d6 Hand Attack bonus damage, based upon how much “damage absorbed” previously. Base damage feeds from Fir Bolg’s end, additional damage feeds from end reserve. Hand Attack  (-1/2)
10 Readied Shunt: Floating advantage on any attack power Fir has up to 40 active points in value, Trigger (Any attack on Fir, +1/4), Charges on trigger (16, +0) 7m Sense of Belonging: the Wand disguises itself as an innocuous item when it is not in combat: Images Sight, sound & touch (30 points) -6 to opposing Per rolls.
17 Heightened Strength +17: This is from a mystic incident that granted many of his other powers. Yet what he does not understand he cannot improve except by accident. Fate delivered this to him, only fate can change it. 10 Gifted for Combat: +3 to All HTH combat rolls with “The Wand” (OAF, Unbreakable, Universal, Mystic Weapon Big Club -1) 21/10
20 Let’s get ‘em team! : Fir Bolg fights better with his team members.  3d6 Aid Dex Invisible to all but mental senses (+3/4), Trigger (catchphrase “For The Order”! +1/4) Self Only (-1/2), Usable only within 5” of team member (-1), Only increases OCV & DCV (-¼), Incantations (Catchphrase “For The Order”! -1/4) 60/20 5 Deal Damage: 3d6 Hand Attack (OAF, Unbreakable, Universal, Mystic Weapon Big Club -1) Hand Attack  (-1/2) Costs x 2 End from End reserve (-1/2) 15/5
Immunity to Chaos Magics: Desolid only vs. Chaos (-2) 5 End reserve: 100 End Recovers from Absorb Damage II “The Wand” (OAF, Unbreakable, Universal, Mystic Weapon Big Club -1) 10/5
Total Powers Cost:
Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents: Special Effect: Martial Brick. This martial art is a combination of several things Sandy has learned in combat, ranging from second hand lessons in Tai quan do, Ninjitsu, books and videotapes, SCA combat practice to the impossible Bad kung fu movies. From this stew pot of the impossible Mr. Mirror has developed his eclectic style of defense/offense.
2 Contact [Work history documents] 3 “The Wand” manipulation Power Skill 3 Anti-Dinosaur Skill Enhancer Package 1 KS: Art 0 Language: Spanish 4 Counterstrike Defense: (M block) +2/+2 Block, Abort
2 Transport Familiarity: Forklifts 3 Strength tricks Power Skill 2 CK: Dinosaur Culture 1 KS: Internet 3 Skill enhancer: Scholar 5 Riposte: (Def. Strike) +1/+3 Str Strike
2 Acting 2 Oratory 1 Language:Dino language 1 KS: Songs 3 Skill enhancer: Jack of all Trades 4 Knock away:  (M Disarm) +2/+2 Disarm, +10 Str
6 Lightsleep 1 Computer Programming 2 SS: Dinosaur physiology 1 KS: SCA 0 Climbing 8- 4 Duke Roundhouses Roundhouse:(M Str)+0/+2 Str Stike+2d6
3 Absolute range sense, RSR PS:Yard Dog Skill Roll 1 KS: Science Fiction 2 TF: Jeeps 1 KS: Bad Martial Art flicks 0 Concealment 8- 3 Leg Shot: (Leg sweep) +2/-1 Str Stike+1d6 target falls
2 PS: Roleplayer 1 KS: Fantasy 10 +4 w/ all HTH and Common Dino Capture Gear only Vs Dinosaur forms (-1)  20/10 * 1 KS: Martial Arts 0 Conversation 8- 4 Side Step: (M dodge) -/+5 Dodge, affects all, Abort
1 PS: A Capella Singer 1 KS: Magic Tricks 6 +2 With all Anti-Dinosaur Package skill rolls 1 KS: US Mail 0 Deduction 8- 4 Weapon Elements: hands, Clubs, Fencing Swords, dagger, cloak,
2 PS: Yard Dog 2 KS:Video games 2 AK: Jungles 5 Temporary Skill: (Cramming) 0 English (4 pt level) 8 +2 Damage Classes
1 PS: Artist 2 KS: USSR 2 KS: Dinosaur Combat and Tactics 2 Contortioninst 0 Paramedics 8- 9 3 3-point Skill levels with his martial Arts.
1 PS: Temporary 2 KS: Filing systems 2 PS: Dinosaur Combatant 2 Gambling: Chess 0 Persuasion 8- 3 Analyze: Combat
1 PS: Mail Clerk 2 KS: Rolepaying games 2 Survival: Jungles 1 Contact: Cell phone 0 Shadowing 8- 2 Environmental Movement: High Gee training
4 Environmental Movement: Icewalking 1 KS: Lumber 2 WF: Common Dinosaur Capture Gear 1 Burecratics 0 Stealth 8- 2 Environmental Movement: Zero Gee training
4 Environmental Movement: I kneel before GOD, not you.  (no combat penalties while kneeling or sitting) 1 KS: Religions 1 KS: History 1 Acrobatics 0 TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles 0 AK: Local Area 8-
Total Cost of Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:
20 Normal Charistics maxima: Fir Bolg can eventually reach a point in training where he maxes out his natural attributes. He is incapable of intrinsically increasing his stats beyond normal human maximum or through internal magical modifications. 10 DNPC: (Jessica Trueheart) Normal 8 or less Currrently Sandy is dating a rather charming person by the name of Jessica or Jess Trueheart and they are currently trying the long distance relationship “thing”.  Sandy has loved Jess since they met in the SCA. 15 Psych Lim: On a Mystical Quest ( Common, Strong) Sandy is also in love with a mysterious woman who appears in his dreams. She is the reason he is currently in San Angelo, he must solve his feelings for this dream woman one way or another. 10 Phisical Lim: Needs Glasses (Inf, Great ) Doubles all range penalties while not wearing glasses 1 Quirk: Oddball among Oddballs
5 Watched: Former Allies, As Powerful 8 or less 10 Distinctive features: Mystic Aura 15 Watched : More Powerful, NCI, US Government 8 or less 5 Vulnerability X2 effects from drinking alcohol 1 Quirk: Believes self to be crazy
5 NPC: (Jerome Gardner boss) Normal 8- or less 15 Psych Lim: Honorable (Common, Strong) 15 Phisical Lim: ADDH (Fre, Great) 5 Dark Secret 1 Quirk: Lefthanded Leo
10 Hunted: Underlords of Dallas- As Powerful 8 or less 15 Secret ID (Alesander “Sandy” Mirror) 5 Rep: Experienced Hero, 8- or less 1 Quirk:Will Consider trying Anything once 1 Quirk: old RPG’er
Total value of Disadvantages:

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