Selba Stink Grenade

So as a gamer you might after a while end up thinking the most amazing thoughts when you run across the strange stories of your acquaintances.  For example my Father-in-law is a Juicer.  He juices all sorts of things in order to keep himself healthy after a near brush with death.   And this man is doing much better since his dramatic life changes.

But he also is learning and experimenting.  So he took a batch of Selba and the suggestion was to soak them  for two weeks to make them much easier to digest so he could get more benefit out of them.   Well he soaked them for two weeks in a closed jar and something must have gone wrong because when he opened the jar the whole house stank,  Badly.  It stuck to his hands, it took hours to wash away the smell and the house had to be aired out.

Now then the point of this is not to embarrass the guy for making a minor mistake, any true skill is developed as a part of learning curve.  And drinking some of his juices has probably made me a little bit healthier also.  Juicing isn’t something that should in gaming in most cases be a sidebar or note to a character, until you have a spectacular event.

That smell is a spectacular event.  So it inspired me to build an add on to a older item I have not shared yet. A pouch that has several non-magical sling stone sized and shaped objects each nestled in its own pouch.

When found the singular item called a Selba Stink grenade is composed of two ceramic cups sealed to each other with wax with a raised symbol for “stench” on the nominal top of the fitted cups.  This object only activates when the cups are broken or separated (often when slung from a sling though there may be some cases wherein they are hurled like a rock or used as a part of a trap) the damage dealt is as per the method of use -1 pip of damage.  However the escaping gel, gas and liquid mix when splashed upon a target requires a Save vs. Wands to avoid the impact.  Failure requires a Morale check each turn at the beginning of the turn or else seek to spend the needed two hours cleaning the disgusting liquid using the nearest reasonable source. Undead and many monsters are immune (otyughs for example) while those with heightened sense of smell/taste (many predatory animals) will automatically flee until the effect is negated.

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