Parts and Parcels

One of the things about being a Player and creator in RPG’s is that frequently while building a character the designer desires a hook for the character.  And not just one but many.  After building hundreds of characters a reasonable person might think that great fragments of speech to hang a few moments of a campaign upon might be rare.  In reality they are not.  In fact I have hundreds that are evocative, meaningful and completely unattached to a character or even mechanics.

And I mean to do _something_ with them but there is hundreds of distractions in the way to play with what is a little thing at this moment.  So for now here is 11 of the less prepared ones, typically on the long level of dealing with “one day they will get written”.  

-Bird UV: (birds see in UV very well)

-Bright Skyfire: Lightning

-Chronocalculus: Ht senses detect temporal irregularities

-Clairvoyant Trance: Ht Senses

-Coded with Tectonic Circuitry: (Clothing) Ht. Int & Ht. Senses

-Crystal Chip Element: 

-Delta Spawned Might:

-Ht. Irradiated Strength

 -Devious Deeds:

-Don’t act so scared: Empathy control the empathy controller expends power in order to overcome the influence of one by another generally and most easily 

-don’t call a cop: this power acts in a way to prevent the character from using various allies the character could develop

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