Fir Bolg Part II

This portion of Fir Illustrated to  me what sort of challenges a conversion from one system to another brings.  This Characters design concept was at a base level a reskinning of the concepts iconic of Captain America Re: Invulnerable Item+ Exemplary human Warrior.  And his V&V character powers shows that. Yet the choices made in design are of course unique.  From there he was turned into a Champions character (see part III) and after a few years I started the conversion (somewhat full circle) into MSH.  It was challenging to say the least. But here is more of the wand welding warrior, Fir Bolg.  (if you set parts 1-3 together in order in excel you would see what I see when I open up his page)

The art attached shows Fir when he was first being designed.


Character Name: Alesander “Sandy” Mirror Player name:
Training Suggestions: Combat skills, Genre:
Character Quotes: Game master:
Origin and Background: Sandy has allways been mystically “aware” but nothing else until the Mystic World experienced a Disaster of unprecendented proportions.  Sandy got empowered by the Chaos and was swept into that conflict. During those early days Sandy was allied with three of his friends in the Dallas are as they chose to make a difference in the lives of themselves and others by taking their powers to fight crime. Most of the other Altered beings Chose to take their powers and carve a new life under Dallas.
Source Of Power: Mystic incident. Treat this as being a Modified human with Organics (heals twice as fast) Rank Rank or number
Fighting Incredible
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible
Health (F+A+S+E)
Karma (R+I+P)
Resources Typical
Popularity Typical
Special Abilities:
Talents: Martial Arts D Dinosaur Hunter
Contacts: Protective Order Jessica Trueheart
Jerome Gardner Former Associates
Unique Weapon:The Wand: Modifed to where the oak table leg is now considered a Class 3000 material.  It is one of the most indestructable materials ever known. It may absorb up to 100 points of damage per strike but it cannot block martial art based slams or stuns.  In combat it does Incredible Blunt damage based upon Fir’s current strength. D1 Body Armor: Fir Bolg has Remarkable Rank protection for himself innately and the same for whosoever wears his clothing.
F2 Martial Supremacy: Fir Bolg has Excellent Rank martial Supremacy in all reasonable approximations of SCA weapons.  This also acts as if he has Martial arts D with these weapons.

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