What makes players Great?

Part of Heroic Tourney is seeking what makes a Player Great.  In order to find great players there has to be a level of quantification.  After much deliberation I boiled it down to defining the marvelous “It” as:

Roleplaying (play, Immersion) this is getting into and expressing being someone else both in thought and deed, action and reaction.  Players should frequently without conflicting with or showboating others use their screen time to display actions that exemplify, even subtly, the art of Roleplaying.

Basically can the person portray their character so well that not only those inside the group but those looking from the outside in can tell it is a different persona without outside aids.  Just as importantly without stepping on their fellows toes can they take or make opportunities to individualize their character so well that they help the believability of the game itself.   Essentially they join the warp and weft of the campaign.

So my question is: What do you think makes a Player a Great Roleplayer?

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