Fir Bolg Part 1

Fir Bolg is one of the better developed but unplayed characters in part because of a few comics and much fictional writing.  Alesander is of course a character who is a little bit based off of myself over a decade ago. Unfortunately the reason why Fir cannot currently be displayed is probably technical more than anything else and probably due to my technical aptitude.


Identity: Fir Bolg
Sex: M
Age and Appearance: 34 He is a dark haired 5′ 11″ average appearing white slightly goofy guy in his 30’s. In his combat persona he wears a leathor jacket and denim jeans with a white tee shirt and a Blue Beret’ with some odd badges/pins in it*. The jacket has several odd patches on it indicating either alliance with or membership in several groups. He has no real discernable accent, occasionally picking up an odd turn of phrase here or there or imitating one accent or another. For a Southern gentleman, he certainly has nothing to mark him as such in his speech.
Alternate Identities: James the Lost, James R R Davenport or Daniels, Ales
Weight: 203 Basic hits: 4
Agility mod:
Strength: 28 Endurance: 15
Agility: 12 Intelligence: 10
Char: 14 Reaction: +1
Hit point modifier:         ( 2.8 ) ( 1.8 ) ( 1.2 )  (  1  ) = 6 Healing Rate: 1.20
Hit Points ( 24 ): Power ( 55  ):
Movement Rates: 11″ Ground
Accuracy: Damage Mod:
C. Cap: 2380.378 Basic HTH Damage: 1d12
Detect Hidden: 8 Detect Danger: 12
Inventing Points: 1
Inventing %: 30
Security Clearance: n/a
Heightened Strength +14: This is from a mystic incident that granted many of his other powers. Fate delivered this to him, only fate can change it. Note that this strength does not increase his ground movement rate.
Invulnerability: 7  this is a side effect of the chaos wave exposure. This is something of a mystic shunt, energies that attack him are diverted in part to “The Land”, becoming almost an attack on the environment. In addition the Clothing typically worn by The Wand Wielding Wizard of War suffered from the same sort of effects as Alesander thus, some of his Invulnerability is somewhat transferable to people that he has chosen.
“The Wand” (Absorption):  This appears to be an ordinary carved oaken table leg, in combat it acts as a Big Club in HTH combat granting +3/+1d6, on a held action to absorb incoming attacks it absorbs and stores the damage -3 that would have occurred to later be used for accuracy or damage benefits.  This Gentleman has, in a sentimental moment of understatement, given his weapon the nom de gurre of “The Wand”. During the same event that led to his exposure to the Chaos Wave that granted his Powers The Fighting Fir ripped off a table leg from a discarded table he found in the wreckage on the streets of Dallas. Events since have proven the Leg to be indestructible, with any damage attempted to the table leg being absorbed and sent somewhere else, possibly of use later.
Cash: $ $500
Inventions: none yet
Total cost of  Inventions:
Skills and Trainings: His HERO version is probably ~= 10th level.
In combat Fir is skilled in hunting Dinosaurs and SCA combat
Out of combat Fir is a dileante skill wise, dabbler in many esoteric things master of none.

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