Game inspired Comics 5: LRPC5

These panels are something of a homage to the engineers and applied science types I play(ed) with.  From the legendary prowess of people like Jim Wampler to my own neighborhood friends with a little too much knowledge of explosives and other engineering related feats and just a smidgen too little experience about how dangerous "it" could be... … Continue reading Game inspired Comics 5: LRPC5

Game inspired Comics 4: LRPC 4

One day a table was needed elsewhere and the table was removed leaving a circle of about 9 empty chairs in the Game store back corner. Gamers so being the sort to leave no humorous opportunity unturned there were a few comments noting the similarity to the circle and addiction recovery groups. Of course the seats … Continue reading Game inspired Comics 4: LRPC 4

Game inspired Comics Part 3: LRPC3

One of the things the LRPC did was try to raise money to support the group.  They created the +1 Bookmark of Doom and for $1 you could get your very own laminated +1 Bookmark of DOOM!  Great, fun, idea but once you had a few of these you really didn't need any more, a … Continue reading Game inspired Comics Part 3: LRPC3

Skills left off of Heroic Tourney

When working on the base formation of Heroic Tourney there are plenty of sub skills that were 'left off' of the judging of players.  Some ideas were rejected because of lack of interest others were out of the focus for the show. A lot of great Players have certain skills like promptness, timing, analysis or … Continue reading Skills left off of Heroic Tourney

First Character:TKA

Tarn Kor Avire is my oldest character I have a copy of from probably 82-ish I know I played characters under my older brother but those sessions were from the D&D Basic Set and boy howdy was my older brother imaginative. So imaginative I don't think any of my characters survived. Much like the Great Brain … Continue reading First Character:TKA

Game inspired Comics Part II: LRPC 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, while waiting for my girl at the time I drew comics.  The characters are all fictional the Gm's screen has a few designs for various heraldic emblems I also use in my games except that the 5th Cav insignia is in there. Of the other two one is for Sandy the … Continue reading Game inspired Comics Part II: LRPC 2

Christmas Gamers Movie

Though Still early in December, there is a Movie I would recommend for every gamer to watch every year at Christmas time:  A Long Kiss Goodnight.  It contains a lot of standard tropes (from amnesia to detectives being really smart) and plenty of smart action, as opposed to big action. There is also a wealth of … Continue reading Christmas Gamers Movie