Lance Ripper

This is Lance Ripper, he is a character I had for a V:TM game that takes place in Las Vegas.  he illustrates a few things about my characters that are outliers to other gamers.  Lance, is an overconfident foolish appearing neonate who uses his name as a battle cry (LAAAANNNNNCCCCCCEEEEE RIIIIIIIPPPPERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!) former UFC fighter and ‘billy badass’ who at the end of the campaign was being ‘drafted’ by the spellcasters of the Assamites because of his hithero unknown bloodline (which the Gm assured me was of a low probability but the dice made him so).

Called the “Henderson Dog Strangler” by the newspapers because of the large number of incidents wherein our opposition was using dogs to guard stuff and I being the sneakiest sneaky guy had to deal with the problems stealthily.

Another outlier is he also is run off of an Excel spreadsheet, like most of my other characters.  Because Excel is part of an experiment in how I play RPG’s.

If you have questions Post them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.


LANCE RIPPER!!! Nature: Mercenary Clan: Catiff (Assamite)
Player: Skip Demeanor: Director Generation: 13th Chronicle: LV III Concept: Adventurer Sire: ? But Assamite
Chronicle: LV III Concept: Adventurer Sire: ?????? Ur-Shulgi ancestor
Strength: 2 Charisma: 3 Perception: 2
Dexterity: Accurate 4 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: Enduring 4 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Alertness 3 Animal Ken Academics 1
Athletics 2 Crafts Computer
Brawl 1 Drive 2 Finance
Dodge 3 Etiquette 2 Gambling
Empathy Firearms 3 Investigation
Expression Larceny 3 Sabbat Lore 2
Intimidation 2 Melee 2 Law
Leadership Performance 2 Linguistics
Streetwise 1 Stealth 2 Medicine Blood Preservation 4
Subterfuge 2 Survival Occult
Technology Politics 2
Virtues Backgrounds Disciplines “Paths” “Spells”
Conscience 2 Mentor Steven 2 Celerity 2
Self control 3 Herd Tai Bo class 3 Quietus 2
Courage 5 Resources 3 Obfuscate 2
Potence 2
Fortitude 2
Auspex 1
Assamite Blood Magic 0
Other traits
Daredevil +3 dice, -1 botch Humanity 6 Health Levels x
Sabat Survivor -1 to find Sabat Blood Pool 5 Hurt -1
Acute Sight -2 to tn Max of 10 Injured -1
Acute Hearing -2 to tn Wounded -2
Willpower 8 Mauled -2
Max of 10 Crippled -5
Incapacitated ___
XP: (pg. 143) 123
Humanity 5 to 6 (spl price) -2
Equipment Harley Davidson Two seater saddlebags
Int 1 to 2 -4 Heavy duty fishing pole Binoculars
Celerity to 2 -6 collapsable medium duty fishing pole Gerber Multi-tool
Larceny to 2 -2 weights High-power mini flashlight
Medicine 2 to 3 -4 hooks basic first aid kit
Medicine to 4 -6 1000# test weight line
Quietus to 2 -6 Skateboard
Etiquette to 1 -3 Gageted up cell phone Gadgets include IR camera attachment, GPS locator down to 5 meters, a hotkey that dials 911, local police, local firefighters and CNN, a second hotkey that dials a preset group(adventurer buddies), and a dozen games(Angry Birds being the current favorite).
Potence to 1 -10 1 roadflares
Sabat Lore -3 Black Ray bans
Alertness 1 to 2 -2 Watch
Alertness 2 to 3 -4 Wallet on a chain Dl, Hl, Fl, Haven Dead Stuff:
Sabbat Lore 1 to 2 -2 mid-calf black steel toed boots slightly run down gym in N Vegas Cycle A Harley Davidson Touring Road King sporting a retro looking appearance with a large windshield.
Melee to 1 -3 Rubber woven belt 3″ longer than it needs to be for a good fit it has a space behind the mirrored walls “It was lucky while it lasted” 1500 Colt Python 357 magnum 90 rounds left
Melee 1 to 2 -2 Strong woolen scarf
Int 2 to 3 -8 Long Pleather trench coat crudely cut to biker length
Investigation to 1 -3 Tough cargo pants
Potence 1 to 2 -6 black painted nylon  plated helmet has rubber horns pictures of all the hal lowen mine gear tech
Fortitude to 1 -10 Nomex black suit
Fortitude 1 to 2 -6 8 ball (drugs)
Larceny 2 to 3 -4 Tarp
Drive 2 to 3 -4 100 rope
Ettiquete 1 to 2 -2 Shovel
Alertness 1 to 2 -2 s+1 astrally active weapon
Auspex 1 -10 pad of paper and pen
Jai Ali Throwing Glove
$4,000 cash in wallet
$40,000 in bank safe
$100000 invested in projects by Abigail (Played by Kassie) 5 blood filled wine bottles (2 pips)
2 bear traps
2 Assamite Books on Assamite Blood Magic 1 in English, 1 in Arabic 1 poison filled wine bottles (2 pips)
9mm Malkov 3 clips 9, 12 & 17 Concealable holster
1911 Colt Rand 1 7 rnd clip Regular Holster
Hi-power lo accy 50 cal Concealed in fishing box
Low power hi accy 50 cal Concealed in fishing box
sum leftover XP 9 200 50 cal rounds Concealed in fishing box
3 flares
Quietus 0 20 ft radii for 1 blood Ak-12 2 clips case webbing and sling
Quietus 00 Scorpions touch: Roll Willpower (TN 6) vs stamina + fortitude (TN 6) reduction in stamina ‘to number of points of blood spent up to a max of Stamina or two (GM Mod). # of successes on chart equals length of time stamina is reduced. May spit up to 2 points at a range of 10 feet per point of Str+ Potence 1 success ‘ one turn, 2’ 1 hour, 3’1day, 4’1month, 5’permanent
The lair of Adolphis have James check it out cant tell anyone about it or return. He can’t harbor anyone from a blood hunt of the local princes
Candie Lawrence w/phone number LA extension
Check with Capain Manny Krupt About explosives users recently. Dominate idea: Hire Construction crews to demolish building have one of many do so, rest give over explosives for later use. Mind mess so every one gets credit and has evidence that they all were the only ones.
Hi I’m Lance Ripper and I would like to join the Assamite blood sorcerers book of the month club. Send a copy back of the Gaelic experiments? Henderson Taliman co. wtf? need to learn Arabic
Giovanni in the Gaelic experiments? no ,nothing along their stuff. Can ghosts detect telepathy? no test ward vs. vampires vs. astral.
Check all of our current targets against the Assamite assassin list. Drakenspire/Tiamat Enoch too Candie Lawrence
Magic: want TK for first step path of blood need a ward vs spirits and ward vs vampires (to protect the books)
Default decision: the guy we investigated  on a solo mission He is likely the source for the info to the sorcerors want a Complete list of what we got from the ghoul investigation of his house see if Wayne agreees that we got some pics of some spell data
Remember Steven might make a good allied hunter for assassins.
Tony: need his help keeping the Tremere off of me. possible bluff vs. Nercomancers ? May be able to open Assamite Services for Las Vegas.
Tough question does Lester still feel like his coterie member?
Trust James char with the Arabic version advise against learning Arabic warn may result in permanent death or worse.
if one half the ghost army is enemies of Ur then not might there be Ur folks among the ghosts and necrobabe brought enemies to our door.

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