Post set up Post

Things Change.

I have dug post holes, by hand and machine.

But by thought?  Not till yesterday.

In some ways holes are considered negative, ‘Dug yourself into hole on that one” is a negative comment.  And really a hole is a negative, an excavation.

But how yourself and others view the hole, like any other tool, depends upon the use.  Placing things in holes like posts, foundations or yourself (both a foxhole and a grave) is useful and necessary.

Pit traps can hold tigers, spikes or treasure from others who fell into a trap.

A doorway or window is just a modified hole in a wall.

Which makes me think of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  Some of those laments are really just mourning the lack of utilities in a social ideology as expressed in a metaphor.   What happens when the bricks have choices?

From a gaming point of view Portable holes though are interesting.  As is teleportation.

But I digress from my thoughts about yesterday.  I think we dug a hole and placed something in it that will be a foundation.

Today’s art is brand spanking new, well as close as I get these days.  The Logo Design for my company. Inkomprehensile Cominks.


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