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Campaign Notes 0051

Campaign Notes 0051

Or How Do I create an Original Campaign for RPG’s?

One of the things about the Show I am working on is it is looking to find and bring forth the best in players, as well as show others how to be the best players in RPG’s.

During those periods I was not actively Playing an RPG I have thought about what to run as a campaign (as well as building almost a legion of characters), if I had any fellow players. Sometimes I even thought they were good enough to write down.

Starting off with campaign 510 (really it might be 00510 but if we get that far I’ll renumber) because I wanted some room for campaigns much closer to my original comics but playable for later. Since you have to start somewhere, might as well be here. 00001-00010 is probably my comics  with a wide swath chiseled out for the Cell 28 characters origin universes.

This has a few more ties to V&V than anything else (notably the power related notes which would not typically apply in HERO, and are of limited utility in MSH).  Realistically this is a sort of single origin campaign universe for playing in, but a good place to start off.

Some of the possible themes for this campaign may have been touched upon in the movie Arrival, but the possibilities are so much more.

Campaign 510

The first sign of contact was nearly missed. A man, a virtual unknown Became addicted to drawing squiggles.  At least that was what everyone else saw the art as.  In another time and space scientists or mystics were attempting to communicate with others they sensed.  Powerful energies were sent behind their words, that were unexpectedly changed by their passage behind the universe.  This morphing of the energies too were responsible for the fractious jumbling of their communications resulting in unintentionally altered ability to change things more than the casters of these words thought.

 The end result was these communications altered many; they found both mentally and physically causing some dramatic effects.  One of these were the people most affected were drawn to the symbols that had literally made impressions upon them. They found, not logic, in this little known mans art but affinity

Mostly this affinity was with single or perhaps double symbol fragments in the vast majority of the cases. A scrap here or there :[ was a hero .> was a villain ~ was neither JL was both.  Because there was a connection between the energy and the word and the energy changed some with what we might call a Susceptibility to this energy they also then would have a susceptibility to word in some ways also. Though it might be called an affinity for their word, this same affinity makes it that it always has been and it probably always will be fashionable to wear their symbol in a proud display. 


Campaign 510 is set in the modern era, though superficially identical to Campaign 520 there are several unique differences.  First off Campaign 510 deals far more with the theme of symbols, and attempts to tie that into a theme of iconic heroism and villainy. This is a world wherein concepts represented by symbols are placed in a hierarchy as an outside context of relevance rather than that of actual power.  Characters should begin and end with a core symbol chosen from graph 1 (Not included in this post, and other graphs may be available at later dates) however skilled artists can easily duplicate these efforts to generate a more aesthetically pleasing symbol as long as it is not too obvious a duplication of other symbols. 

 Keep in mind the Graph can be rotated and depending upon the size of the image and number of players multiple persons can scrutinize the graph for some sort of symbol to hang their concept upon.

Choosing the Symbol is the most important step.  The player(s) should begin here with a symbol of choice, however this is not written in stone, because the basic character concept should fit in with the characters powers.  If the character is being randomly generated then the powers should be chosen first with a symbol being chosen to draw it all together.  After the Symbol is chosen the player should choose the power he and the Gm feel is most in accordance with the Symbol.  Should the Player and Gm not be able to agree then the character receives both powers.  Regardless of the decisions already made the character receives 1d6+1 additional randomly generated powers that then should be tied into the thematic idea.  

This is the piece of art to rotate around and cull imagery from.

 For Gm’s and players in agreement on the Symbol there may be cases wherein all the powers are chosen to fit the theme.  Which is perfectly fine of course.  From there most campaigns should progress in whatever fashion they normally would.



Although I mentioned that the build-it-yourself facet of HERO System makes all sort of things possible, it is somewhat of a quantum state for other games though; in that in many cases it exists not really unless at the GM’s whim.

Much credit for this build is to be given to the link below which inspired me to design this incarnation as a way to present a homage to the ‘fallen’ character in the form of Sun Girl.


Identity:  Sun Girl Side: Good
Name: Mary Mitchell Sex: F
Experience: 0 Age and Appearance:22
Level: 1 Training: regaining her past
Powers: 7
Sunbeam Ray (Light Control Device): This item can generate intense light from its power source providing 20 charges, and is able to control the wavelength of light emitted from Infrared to Ultraviolet as well as the intensity ranging from the barest of sheens to an intense blinding glare if desired.  In addition the creation of light for mundane usages generally costs no power but may cost movement or even actions depending upon the difficulty of the activity.  As a weapon it emits an intense beam of photons/lasers dealing 2d8 damage for charge per attack up to Ax2” range. As another form of attack a Blinding burst can be emitted directed at a single target it has a range of (Ax2) requiring a special roll on the Light Control column to hit, one charge per use and if successful the target behaves as if encircled in darkness.  If both rolls were a one the character may be permanently blinded.
Emergency Pouch (Special Weapon Device): She carries an “emergency pouch” while on the job; the pouch has among other things, a “portable electronic tracer.” This should be treated like a mid-grade utility belt with the special note she has her Inventing % chance once per encounter of having an appropriate item for the job at hand.
Sprinter (Speed Bonus): her sprinting moves her really quickly, +100” to ground movement.
Acrobat, Judo & Jiu Jitsu Expert (Natural Weaponry): +2 Accuracy +4 Damage in HTH, Plus she may perform many acrobatic stunts with only a 10 % failure rate at most.
The Nations Most Popular Personality (Ht Chr A): Sun Girl because of her previous activities is an international phenomenon and her actions are avidly listened to in the international community.  As such she has a much higher Charisma than many beginning characters. +17 Charisma.
Friends in the Scientific Community: (Pet): Sun Girl has knowledge of, an active interest in, and frequent contact with other members of the scientific community as such she may call upon various other members of that community for assistance in various matters.  Most of her contacts consider her a bright girl who is something of a teachers pet….
Secret Origin (Heightened Expertise) Sun Girl is treated as if she is 4 levels higher than her current level would indicate.
Secret Love (Low Self Control): Sun Girl is in love with The Human Torch, as such she will sacrifice not only her life but her origin and most of her adventures merely to keep his fame and character alive.  Rather desiring to be an ‘ordinary’ secretary for The Human Torch than a super heroine.
Weight: 110 Basic hits: 3 Agility mod: +2
Str: 12 End: 15
Agil:15 Int: 15
Char: 31
Good React: +6
Evil React: -6
Hit mod: (1.3) (1.8 ) (1.4 ) (1.2)’ 3.9312 Hit Points(12):
Dmg Mod:  +2 Healing Rate: 1.2
Accuracy: +2 Power (57):
C. Cap: 177 Basic HTH Damage:1d4
Movement Rates: 142”
Detect Hidden: 12 Detect Danger:16
Inventing Points: 1.5 Inventing %: 45%
Origin and Background: Her origin was never revealed
Legal Status:
(Security Clearance’       )
Other information
During the Golden Age Sun Girl’s private identity and origin were never revealed; she fought the bad guys and replaced Toro as the Human Torch (I)’s sidekick. Well, okay, it’s not quite as brief or simple as all that. While her origin was never revealed, some things about her were known. She had friends in the scientific community she could call upon at any time. Oh, and she’s also, according to Sun Girl #3, “the nation’s most popular personality,” so famous and popular that when a giant ape-creature from Brazil is loose in the city, an Admiral says, “I would suggest the atom bomb rather than sacrifice the life of Sun Girl!” Her efforts to capture the animal are broadcast internationally and listened to with great interest across the world, from China to Russia to South America to the North Pole. When Sun Girl succeeds in capturing the beast, schools across the United States are closed for a day in her honor. Some textual evidence indicates that she’d been active for more than the short amount of time her stories credit her with; she is seen to be familiar with a mad scientist who is being released from prison after a long stretch in The Big House, and one story in Sun Girl #1 is told narrated by a grown man and judge, who was rehabilitated, as a teenager, by Sun Girl, thus implying that either the story is set in the future or that Sun Girl was active for twenty years or more. In the modern era her background was changed and most of her adventures retconned away. In current continuity she was Mary Mitchell, the personal secretary of Jim Hammond, the Human Torch (I), and that she knew all about Hammond’s other life; she’d fallen in love with him and became his secretary to get close to him, and when Toro left the Torch to tend to his ailing foster mother she leapt to replace him. When Toro returned he replaced her as the Torch’s sidekick, and Mary was left behind, never seeing the Torch again. Note: As Ronald Byrd says, “THIS is the woman that Roy Thomas blithely dismisses as the Human Torch’s secretary.” Sun Girl must be counted as one of the most victimized characters of Roy’s Retcons, I think.

Here is where I discuss the character build on youtube:

Blank Character Sheets (Superheroes)

When I build a Superhero Character I generally use one of three systems: V&V 2nd edition, TSR’s MSH and the HERO system.

There are exceptions, but since the majority is those three I built a sort of “Master Character sheet” using those three systems.  The differences are interesting to me (in some cases academic to two out of the three) like Body weight is critical to V&V, semi important to HERO and not even important enough to be listed on the MSH sheet.  Stats are (typically) low and random in V&V, standardized but random in MSH NPC’s but random and artificially lowered in random PC’s, and HERO everything is bought so when you switch to V&V things are hard to explain…

In addition like a few other of my posts if you scroll the viewing area left you should be able to see more of the sheet .

Identity: Character Name: Player name: Base of Operations: 3 Acrobatics 5 Auto-fire Skill: Accurate Spray-fire
Sex: Training Suggestions: Genre: Group Affiliations: 3 Acting 5 Auto-fire Skill: Concentrated Spray-fire 3 Skill Enhancer: Jack of All Trades
Age and Appearance: Character Quotes: Game master: Campaign name: 3 AK: 5 Auto-fire Skill: Rapid Auto-fire 3 Skill Enhancer: Linguist
Alternate Identities: Origin and Background: 3 Analyze: 5 Auto-fire Skill: Skip-over Spray-fire 3 Skill Enhancer: Scholar
Weight: Basic hits: Rank Rank or number Characteristics + Powers + Skills, Perks and Talents= Total Character cost Base Points + Available from disadvantages + Experience = Maximum 3 Breakfall 9 Ambidexterity 3 Skill Enhancer: Scientist
Agility mod: Fighting Val Characteristics Cost Base Points Roll Notes: 3 Bribery 3 Animal Handler 3 Skill Enhancer: Traveler
Strength: Endurance: Agility Strength x1 10 HTH Damage  in d6’s 3 Bugging 3 Skill Enhancer: Well Connected
Agility: Intelligence: Strength Dexterity x3 10 OCV:      DCV: 3 CK: 3 Arcane Magic Research Sample Skill Enhancers in the Package Format: this format is designed to really show off what sorts of utilities a skill enhancement can be put to in order to give a player input to a campaign as well as helping positively define a character as a part of a group.  The Skill enhancer in this case
Char: Reaction: Endurance Constitution x2 10 3 Climbing 3 Arcane Magic Skill The Breakdown of the Package:
Hit point modifier:         (    ) (    ) (    )  (    ) = Healing Rate: Reason Body x2 10 3 Computer Programming 3 Analyze: Magic 3 Dinosaur hunter Package Skill Enhancer this uses a skill enhancer because GM’s can customize Skill Enhancers to his taste.  Generally a Skill enhancer should be built with a circle of 3-11 Skills that get the benefit from the skill enhancer.  Most of these should be
Hit Points (      ): Power (      ): Intuition Intelligence x1 10 per Roll 3 Concealment 3 Magic, Arcane 1(2) PS: Dinosaur Hunter 11- this tells the Gm and the player how effective s/he is with determining the threat level or typical asking price is based on the information given in relevance to a ‘mission’.
Psyche Ego x2 10 ECV 3 Contact: 3 Magic, Spirit 1(2) AK: Jungles 11- this indicates a level of expertise in the areas Dinosaurs would typically live.
Movement Rates: Health (F+A+S+E) Presence x1 10 Pre Dice:       d6 3 Magical Research 1(2) KS: Dinosaurs 11- this is the general knowledge as to which dinosaurs are which. Not just the naming schemes but also the habits, threats to and from
Comliness x1/2 10 3 Conversation 1(2) Language: Dino Languages this can allow an interpretive guess as to what some observed dinosaurs are likely communicating about.  Potentially with the right senses and communication gear this could be bought higher.  Or in some alternate campaigns the dinos could be taught commands or even communicated with.
Karma (R+I+P) Physical Defense x1 Str/5 Resistant:        Total: 3 Cramming: 3 Combat Driving 1(2) CK: Dinosaur Culture 11- much like the language above this is mostly used to determine behaviors rather than socially interact or integrate.  Should there be social groups larger or more sophisticated than ‘pack’ then this ability may be of more social utility once oriented that way.
Energy Defense x1 Con/5 Resistant:        Total: 3 Criminology 3 Combat Piloting 2(3) SS: Dinosaur physiology 9+I/5 in this case the character has an idea of things like brainpower some level of reactions and, unless they have practical experience, many of the theories of how their abilities would be of utility in dealing with them.
Accuracy: Damage Mod: Resources Speed x10 1+Dex/10 Phases: 6 7 8 9 10 11 3 Deduction 3 Combat Sense 1(2) Survival: Jungles 11- This translates roughly into aids in not only subsitence living in a jungle but with the other dino abilities also things like knowing how to collect predator urine, which scents to use for what effect, etc… to enable better avoidance of particular encounters and other succesful strategies.
C. Cap: Basic HTH Damage: Recovery x2 (Str/5)+(Con/5) 3 Demolitions 3 Contortionist 2(3) Tracking: Though mostly a environmental deductive ability this is of special utility to Dino hunters because of the large differential in various sauropods if far more easily narrowed down from tracks than many other determinants because of poor audio samples and by the time they are seen it might be too late.
Popularity Endurance x1/2 Conx2 3 Disguise 3 Cryptography 3 +1 With all Dinosaur hunter Package skill rolls this ability is taking advantage of the GM defining the Dinosaur Hunter as a Tight Group for skill level purchases.
Stun x1 Bd+(St/2)+(Cn/2) 3 Electronics 2 +1 w/ all HTH and Powers only Vs Dinosaur forms (-1&1/2)  [note this ability is not limited to ‘real’ Dinosaurs but anything with 50% or more resemblance to Dinosaurs applies whether it is giant Dinosaurs robot spaceships, Actors in Dinosaur suits or far future Saurine alien races. This rarity may be set by the GM, and does not function against the vast majority of targets like humans,  lost world creatures, etc..]
Detect Hidden: Detect Danger: Special Abilities: Run x2 6″ x2 non-combat multiplier 3 Fast Draw Defense Maneuver I (3) 2(2) 3(3) 4(2) General notes: this is a beginner level Dinosaur hunter.  They cannot speak with the Dinosaurs, and are not as totally skilled with all facets of a Dinosaur hunter as an average Package taking character.
Talents: Swim x1 2″ x2 non-combat multiplier 3 Forgery 3 Forensic Medicine 3 Anti-Ape Skill Enhancer Package
Inventing Points: Vertical leap Spl. Str/10 x2 non-combat multiplier 3 Gambling: Board games, Card Games 3 Healing 2(3) AK: Jungles 9+I/5
Inventing %: Contacts: HLeap Spl. Str/5 x2 non-combat multiplier 3 Lip-reading 2(3) CK: Ape Culture 9+P/5
Security Clearance: Characteristics Total Cost: 3 High Society 3 Two Weapon Fighting 2(3) KS: Ape Combat and Tactics 9+I/5
Powers: Powers: Powers: 3 Interrogation 3 Ventriloquism 4(5) Language: Ape language (no accent)
3 Inventor Weapon smith: 2(3) PS: Ape Combatant 9+I/5
KS: 5 Rapid Attack 2(3) SS: Ape physiology 9+I/5
2(3) Survival: Jungles 9+I/5
3 Language: 6 Accurate far and away: +4 PSL Vs. Ranged mods w/ Multipower 2 TF: Jeeps
3 Lock-picking 6 Axe You, Axe Me: +2 W/Axes 2 WF: Common Primate Capture Gear
3 Mechanics 3 Carney: +1 W/PS: Carney, KS: Carney Games& Sleight of Hand 10 +4 w/ all HTH and Common Primate Capture Gear only Vs Ape forms (-1) [note this ability is not limited to ‘real’ apes but anything with 50% or more resemblance to apes applies whether it is giant ape robot spaceships, wrestlers in monkey/gorilla suits, Ape themed martial artists or primate alien races, note it does not function against the vast majority of targets like humans, etc..]
3 Mimicry 5 Defensive Strategy: +1 DCV Vs. All 6 +2 With all Anti-Ape Package skill rolls
3 Navigation 4 Fanning The Hammer: +2 PSL Vs. Rapid Fire penalties General notes: this is an example of a fairly competent character who frequently opposes ape themed characters. This package is unusual in that the character is fluent and has no accent in languages that in a ‘more normal world” would not exist.
3 Oratory 9 Fit: +3 with Acrobatics, Breakfall & Climbing
Total Powers Cost: 3 Paramedic 10 Handy in HTH: +2 W/ HTH Combat Underground Tranezid Resistance
Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents: 3 Persuasion 6 Leaping Skill: +2 OCV with leaps 3 Anti-Tranezid Skill Enhancer Package
Cash: $ 3 Power-Skill: 2 Lithe in Armor: +1 to DCV to counter Armor penalties only 2(3) AK: Tranezid Controlled Areas 9+I/5
Inventions: PS: 3 Mage: +1 With Magic Skills (Magical Research, Magic, Arcane & Magic, Spirit) 2(3) CK: Tranezid Culture 9+P/5
9 Master of Fear: +3 W/ Interrogation, PS: Vigilante & KS: Super Villains 2(3) Analyze: Tranezid Patterns 9+I/5
3 Riding 15 Multi-Mastery: +5 W/ Multipower 2(3) KS: Tranezid Combat and Tactics 9+I/5
3 Security Systems 9 On the GO: +3 With all Movement 2(3) KS: Tranezid Technology
8 Overall Combatant: +1 with Overall Combat 4(5) Language: Tranezid language (no accent)
Total cost of  Inventions: 3 Seduction 6 Pistolero prodigy: +2 W/Handguns 2(3) PS: Tranezid Combatant 9+I/5
3 Shadowing 2 Razor Touch: +1 OCV W/Razor-scales 2(3) SS: Tranezid physiology 9+I/5
3 Sleight of Hand 4 Scimitar Swordsman: +2 OCV w/ Scimitars 2(3) Survival: Jungles 9+I/5
9 Sneaky: +3 With Concealment, Stealth & Shadowing 2 TF: Mecha
SS: 9 Super Detective: +3 W/ Deduction, Criminology and Interrogation 2 WF: Common Military Gear
3 Stealth 10 Two Weapons Defense: +4 DCV vs. All, Only vs. TWC -1/2 DCV Modifier (-1) 10 Mecha Anti Tranezid Trained: +4 w/ all HTH and Mecha Attacks  only Vs Tranezid forms (-1) [note this ability is not limited to ‘real’ Tranezid but anything with 50% or more resemblance to Tranezid applies whether it is giant Tranezid robot spaceships, wrestlers in Tranezid designed suits or far future Tranezid alien races, note it does not function against the vast majority of targets like humans, etc..]
Skills And Trainings 3 Streetwise 6 +2 With all Anti-Tranezid Package skill rolls
Monstrous 3 AK: Caves (res)
Amazing 3 Survival: 3 AK: Colorado 3 Skill Enhancer: Ranger of the Eastern Star (res)
Incredible Total Cost of Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents: 3 Systems Operation 3 CK: Den City 3 Skill Enhancer: Druid (dr)
Remarkable Disadvantages: 3 Tactics 3 CK: Trinity City 3 Skill Enhancer: Weaponsmith (ws)
Excellent 3 Teamwork 3 CK: Ancient Egypt 3 Skill Enhancer: Forge Spirit Priest Skills (fp)
Good TF: 3 KS: Medicine 3 Skill Enhancer: Thief Skill Enhancer  (ts)
Typical 3 Tracking 3 KS: Medicinal Herbs 3 Skill Enhancer: Hearth Spirit Priest Skill Enhancer    (hp)
Poor 3 Trading 3 KS: Military man 3 Skill Enhancer: Order of the White Rose (wrw)
Feeble Total value of Disadvantages: 3 KS: Minerals 3 Skill Enhancer: Contract Investigator  (ci)
WF: 3 KS: Mutants
3 KS: Nature spirits Building an opposition skill set:
3 AK: Den City& Environs 3 KS: Old Comedy Routines Analyze: Opponent
3 AK: Rocky Mountains 3 KS: Religions KS: Opponent group
3 AK: Rock-hold and Vicinity 3 KS: Role-playing games PS: Opponent Hunter
3 AK: Borderlands 3 KS: SCA +1 CSl, Only vs. opponent group (-1/2)
3 KS: Armor & Armor Developments 3 KS: Science Fiction
3 KS: Art 3 KS: Songs 3 Housewife of All Chores
3 KS: Bad Martial Art flicks 3 KS: Spirit Magic 1 1) Have some cookies: PS: Baking (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Carney Games 3 KS: Spirits (hp) 1 2) PS: Gardening (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Comedic History 3 KS: Spirits and Spiritual World 1 3) My husband was fond of rice: PS: Cooking (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Comics 3 KS: Star Law 1 4) PS: Housekeeping (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Contracts 3 KS: Super Heroes 3 Scholar (Been around a while, and remembers some of it)
3 KS: Cybernetics 3 KS: Super Villains 1 1) KS: Daytime Television (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Dance Steps 3 KS: Super-spy 1 2) KS: Geography of Brooklyn (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Dilettante 3 KS: Tannish History 1 3) KS: History of the 20th century (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Elastic Powers 3 KS: Teacher 1 4) KS: Stories in the Daily Bugle (2 Active Points) 11-
3 KS: Fantasy 3 KS: Thieves & Thief Guilds 3 Conveniently Overlooked, sometimes: Concealment 11-
3 KS: Filing systems 3 KS: Undead 3 Conveniently Overlooked, sometimes: Stealth 11-
3 KS: Forge Spirits 3 KS: US Mail 3 I’m a harmless old lady, you don’t want to hurt me, do you?: Seduction 10-
3 KS: History 3 KS: USSR 3 Does the shopping: Trading 10-
3 KS: History of Desnari 3 KS: Video games 3 Has worked in an office: Bureaucratics 10-
3 KS: History of Faustone 3 KS: Weapons & Weaponry Development 3 Nag, nag, nag: Oratory 10-
3 KS: History of Paen 3 KS: Woodworking 10 Much Missed: +2 with DCV
3 KS: History of Rockhold 3 KS: Magic Tricks -4 English
3 KS: History of the Order of the White Rose 3 KS: Martial Arts -2 German
3 KS: Instruction Techniques 3 KS: Media
3 KS: Internet 5 Language: German Comedy Festival Master Skill Enhancer
3 KS: Investigation Techniques 5 Language: Seven 2 AK: Den City& Environs
3 KS: Lore of Ancient Weapons 5 Language: Tradespeak 2 AK: Arena
3 KS: Lumber Yards 5 Language: Goblin jabber 3 Climbing
5 Language: Dre 3 Concealment
5 Language: Borderspeech 5 Language: Seven 1 KS: Old Comedy Routines
5 Language: Solidish 5 Language: Huntsman 2 KS: Comedic History
5 Language: English 5 Language: The Silent Tongue 2 KS: Elastic Powers
1 Language: Spanish 5 Language: American English 2 KS: Investigagtion Techniques
5 Language: Arabic 5 Language: Khor-Aram 3 Paramedic
5 Language: Hieroglyphics 5 Language: Tannish 3 PS: Stand up Comedian
1 Language: French 5 Language: Lhendai 3 Stealth
4 Language: Russian 5 Language: Mexican 3 Streetwise
3 Language: German 2 Survival: Rocky Mountains
4 Language: Ukrainian 3 SS: Psychology
2 Language: Inuit 3 SS: Micro-devices 5 Sapling: +1 With Druid Skills
3 Language: Japanese 3 SS: Chemistry 10 Decent Weaponsmith: +2 to all Weapon-smith Skills
3 SS: Natural Medicine
3 SS: 3 SS: Super-spy Eclectic Art: Martial Arts package
3 SS: Anatomy 3 SS: Dilettante 4 Counterstrike Defense: (M block) +2/+2 Block, Abort
3 SS: Microbiology 3 SS: Cybernetics 5 Riposte: (Def. Strike) +1/+3 Str Strike
3 SS: Military man 4 Knock away:  (M Disarm) +2/+2 Disarm, +10 Str
3 SS: Mutants 3 PS: Armorsmith 4 Duke Roundhouses Roundhouse:(M Str)+0/+2 Str Stike+2d6
3 SS: Pharmacology 3 PS: Arrok Hai 3 Leg Shot: (Leg sweep) +2/-1 Str Stike+1d6 target falls
3 SS: Physiology 3 PS: Athlete 4 Side Step: (M dodge) -/+5 Dodge, affects all, Abort
3 PS: Blacksmith 4 Weapon Elements: hands, Clubs, Fencing Swords, dagger, cloak,
3 PS: Carney 3 PS: Ranger of the Eastern Star
3 PS: Cyberneticist 3 PS: Researcher Monkey Fu: Martial Arts package
3 PS: Common Laborer 3 PS: Roleplayer 4 Monkey Strike +0/+2 +2d6 Str attack
3 PS: Contract Investigator 3 PS: Stand up Comedian 3 Monkey Throw +0/+1 Str+ V/5
3 PS: Dancer 3 PS: Super-spy 4 Escape +0/+0 +15 Str Vs Escapes
3 PS: Dilettante 3 PS: Teacher
3 PS: Druid 3 PS: Temporary Monkey Fu II: Martial Arts package
3 PS: File Clerk 3 PS: Thief 4 Monkey Block +2/+2 Block, Abort
3 PS: Hearth Priest (hp) 3 PS: Vigilante 5 Monkey Kick -2/+1 Str+4d6 Strike
3 PS: Instructor 3 PS: Weaponsmith 4 Weapon Clipper -1/+1 Str+10 to disarm
3 PS: Leader 3 PS: White Rose Warrior
3 PS: Mail Clerk 3 PS: Woodworker Caioperia: Martial Arts package
3 PS: Meditation 3 PS: Yard Dog 4 Choke Hold -2/+0 Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND
3 PS: Military man 5 Defensive Block +1/+3 Block, Abort
3 PS: Physician 3 Survival: Rocky Mountains 5 Defensive Strike +1/+3 STR Strike
3 PS: Psychologist 3 Survival: Borderlands, Faustone + Caves (res) 4 Fast Strike +2/+0 STR + 2d6 Strike
3 Survival: Desnari 3 Leg-sweep +2/-1 13d6 Strike Target falls
3 Survival: 4 Martial Disarm -1/+1 Disarm, +10 STR to Disarm
3 Survival: Darktooth Mountains 2 WF: 4 Martial Dodge N/+5 Dodge, Abort
3 Survival: Woodlands and rural areas 1 WF: Axes, Maces and Picks 4 Martial Escape +0/+0 +15 STR vs. Grabs
3 Survival: Rocky Mountains 2 WF: Common Melee Weapons 4 Martial Flash -1/-1 Flash 4d6
3 Survival: Paen 2 WF: Common Military Weapons 4 Martial Strike +0/+2 STR +2d6 Strike
2 WF: Common Missile weapons 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls
1 TF: 2 WF: Common Star Martial Weapons 5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike
1 TF: Boats 1 WF: Crossbows 4 Reversal -1/-2 +15 STR to Escape; Grab Two Limbs
1 TF: Stone Sleds 2 WF: Firearms 5 Sacrifice Strike +1/-2 STR+4d6 Strike
1 TF: Carts and Wagons 1 WF: Hurled Axes, Maces and Picks 5 Takeaway +0/+0 Grab Weapon, +10 STR to take weapon away
1 TF: Sleighs and Sleds 1 WF: Mounted Axes, Maces and Picks 3 Takedown +1/+1 STR Strike; Target Falls
1 Transport Familiarity: Forklifts 2 WF: Mounted Combat 3 Weapon Element: Blades, Chain & Rope Weapons, Clubs, Fists & Feet (Free)
1 WF: Shields
Weapon smith: 1 WF: Short Bows Russian Military Style: Martial Arts package
3 Weapon smith: Bows and Arrows 1 WF: Slings 3 Aikido Throw +0/+1 STR+ V/5
5 Weapon smith (Muscle Powered weapons) 4 Escape The Bear +0/+0 +15 STR Vs Escapes
3 Weapon smith (Axes, Maces & Picks) 2 Absolute range sense, RSR PS: Yard Dog Skill Roll 4 Sickle Strike +0/+2 STR +2d6 attack
2 Weapon smith (Axes only) 1 Cell Phone 4 Hand of Lenin +2/+2 Block, Abort
3 Cleave the Seas: +3” Swimming 5 Hammer Kick -2/+1 STR+4d6 Strike
3 Power-Skill: 2 Coldhearted: Life Support: Safe Environment: Intense Cold. 4 Weapon Cracker -1/+1 STR+10 to disarm
3 ZERO Skill: Power Skill for use with his ZERO powers 3 Computer access 1 Weapon Elements (2 total): Hands, Red Star Shield
3 Power-Skill: Cybernetics 1 Contact: Cell phone 8-
3 Power-Skill: Darkness Maneuver 3 Environmental Movement: Coffin Fighter, (No combat penalties while in cramped spaces) Skills of the Uncle: Martial Arts package
3 The Wand manipulation Power Skill 3 Environmental Movement: Gargantuan (No combat penalties while grown) 5 Defensive Strike +1/+3 STR Strike
3 Strength tricks Power Skill 4 Environmental Movement: I kneel before GOD, not you (No combat penalties while kneeling or sitting) 4 Killing Strike -2/+0 1/2d6 HKA
1 Environmental Movement: Ice-walking. 3 Leg-sweep +2/-1 13d6 Strike Target falls
15 3d6 luck “Daredevil” this may show up as +3 OSL 1 Licensed Physician:  Fringe Benefit:  License to practice a profession 4 Martial Block +2/+2 Block, Abort
2 Contact [Work history documents] 8 Military Training: +4” Running 4 Martial Disarm -1/+1 Disarm, +10 STR to Disarm
5 Contact: Apex Outsourcing (Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has very useful Skills or resources) 11- 8 Money:  Wealthy $3 million a year 4 Martial Dodge N/+5 Dodge, Abort
32 Contact: BioCorps (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has extremely useful Skills or resources, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Very Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) 13- 3 Owns Practice: FB:  High-level executive of a minor business physician practice. 4 Martial Escape +0/+0 +15 STR vs. Grabs
6 Contact: Eastern Star Rangers 8- (sometimes they are hard to find) 1 Perk: Contact: Structural Engineer 3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage
9 Contact: Old Gang Buddies (Contact has useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) (9 Active Points) 8- 5 Perk: Wealthy 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls
3 Contact: Other Desnari 2 Resistance Talent: +2 to Ego rolls to resist interrogation 4 Nerve Strike -1/+1 2d6 NND
5 Contact: Redline (Contact has useful Skills or resources) 11- 7 Sneaking Blow: +1d6 Base Killing damage only when Target is Surprised. 5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike
20 Contact: Runners (Contact has extremely useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Group Contact (x3) 12- 19 SUV:  Vehicle 3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls
2 Fringe Benefit: Support of the Arroman Community 6 Wealth Spirit Focus: Martial Arts package
3 Light-sleep 3 Wealthy (family of Merchants and Craftsmen) 3 Leg-sweep +2/-1 13d6 Strike Target falls
2 LS: 400 yr. Lifespan 3 Perk- FB; Religious Rank, Druid 5 Bull Rush +2/-2 STR, Full move, Target Falls
5 Perk- Contact: Dain Mcmoran 1 Perk- FB; Right to Mary/Bury 4 Martial Block +2/+2 Block, Abort
5 Perk- Contact: Druid Council 8 Undead Turning: +50 Pre vs. undead (sidebar cost on 107-108) (hp). 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 12d6+v/5 Strike, target falls
10 Undead Turning (+60 Pre, similar to 107-108 in FH)
Golind’s Treasure: Martial Arts package
Bear Style martial Arts Skills of the Father: Martial Arts package 5 Takedown (Hook/Strong-arm) +0/+1 STR, Target falls
5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike 4 Choke Hold -2/+0 Grab, 2d6NND 5 Chest Cracker (Sacrifice Strike) +1/-2 Strike+4d6
4 Fast Strike +2/+0 STR +2d6 Strike 5 Defensive Strike +1/+3 STR Strike 4 Blade-shield (Martial Block) +2/+2 Ocv vs. Ocv, Block, Abort
3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage 4 Killing Strike -2/+0 1/2d6 HKA 5 Bull Rush +2/-2 STR, Full move, Target Falls
3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls 3 Leg-sweep +2/-1 13d6 Strike Target falls All the martial maneuvers are usable with Hands& Axes.
3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls 4 Martial Block +2/+2 Block, Abort
3 Takedown +1/+1 STR Strike; Target Falls 4 Martial Disarm -1/+1 Disarm, +10 STR to Disarm The Standard Method/Axe Work: Martial Arts package
Scout Fu: Martial Arts Package 4 Martial Dodge N/+5 Dodge, Abort 4 Cleave +1/-1 STR+2d6
3 Aikido throw +0/+1 Str+ V/5 4 Martial Escape +0/+0 +15 STR vs. Grabs 5 Chop +2/+1 STR+1d6
4 Escape +0/+0 Str +15 Vs Escapes 3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage 5 Charge 0/-1 STR, Full move, Target Falls
4 Trooper Strike +0/+2 Str +2d6 attack 4 Martial Strike +0/+2 STR +2d6 Strike 4 Disarm 0/+1 +10 STR to Disarm
4 Scout Block +2/+2 Block, Abort 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls 4 Block +2/+2 Block, Abort
5 Kick -2/+1 Str+4d6 Strike 4 Nerve Strike -1/+1 2d6 NND 4 Dodge  -/+5 Dodge, Abort
4 Weapon Clipper -1/+1 Str+10 to disarm 5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike Default Element is Axes
8 Weapon Elements (9 total): Weapon Breaker, Staff, Wind and Fire Wheels, Hands, 3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls
Eagle Martial Arts: Martial Arts Package 32 Damage Classes N/A +8 DC to all Martial Arts Don’t try this at home: 3d6 dumb luck
5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 Str +4d6 Strike Ninjae Chop
4 Martial Dodge N/+5 Dodge, Abort The throws of winter Judy Chop
4 Martial Escape +0/+0 +15 STR vs. Grabs 4 Choke Hold -2/+0 Grab, 2d6NND Ninja block
4 Martial Block +2/+2 Block, Abort 4 Martial Escape +0/+0 +15 STR vs. Grabs WF Jump rope
4 Choke Hold -2/+0 Grab, 2d6NND 3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage Ninjae stars cans of chew
1 Weapon Elements, Hands and Cyber weapons 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls Don’t try this on yer kids +1 dc only on smaller than normal targets
8 Damage Classes N/A +2 DC to all Martial Arts 3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls This is dangerous:  +4d6 DC Side effects harms wielder
3 Takedown +1/+1 STR Strike; Target Falls



Crazed Criminal Cadre

Crazed Criminal Cadre

This is one of the most recent incarnations of the “Crazy colluding crime gang” exploring the differences between Misfit Heroes and the Misfit Criminals they can face.

Unfortunately looking at it now it might seem to share a theme with Season 3 of American Horror Story, even though the art seen here preceded Season 1 of said show. Se La Vie.

Unlike the Ninja-Jackal I can tell readers that there are more details here than meets the eye.

Jackie the Jester is a homage to the puppet crime lord concept but he uses criminal shadow puppeteers to do many things that are difficult to detect.

Side Show Stella uses weaponized umbrellas and trapeze artistry plus the more acrobatic combat concepts to criminally contribute to the group.

Chicken Boy Clarence is a holler out to the sharp clawed mutant concept, and for the villains it is of course, one mutation that went ‘wrong’ from the appearance standpoint.

Beatrice the Bearded Broad is the strong arm/tough gal of the group.  She tries to match the more muscular members of the opposition as well as throw her weight around but she may be one of the more empathetic members of the group.  Or is that just another cunning layer to the group?  Only time will tell.

Diver Dan is skilled in the art of cliff diving, SCUBA operations, knives and probably demolitions (including underwater).  His SCUBA gear and diving suit might just offer reasonable protection against many of the odder special abilities super beings possess.

Marty the Musician rounds out the group by using mind control music making merriment and stretching stilts to offer a switch up from the other powered people.  (He probably has the most work done)

Little bit of Art too…

Little bit of Art too…

Although the name is pedantic (I think that is the right word) he represents one of the forays into playing around with where Eastern and Middle Eastern things intersect ideas wise.  Right now though I think he is looking for a Superhero to turn into an arch nemesis for and really grow depth wise.
Currently he has no other write up than the notes to the upper left and what is seen in the picture.  When the time is right though….