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At this point yes I’m not planning paying the players for their contributions. That may change but the original intent is that this was going to be a ‘game show’.  The players were going to win money and prizes is the thought behind the show.  For example if I get enough money I’ll offer $10,000 prizes to the winning playing groups.  This is set for the group to get the $10,000 reward because then the players won’t individually backstab each other, they should not conflict with each other, they won’t cause issues during play with each other over the final money reward/result because I don’t want that.

I realize this could be a real boost/help for professional gaming groups and organizations,there’s thousands of little organizations that could do with a $10,000 reward for their little organization putting on a show. Also this might work as an alternative to Kickstarter, Paetreon, etc.. It could be used to help certain business expenses as well as help raise awareness of their organization/group and split the money however they want to among the five players

Sadly currently I don’t have those resources and it is understandable that players may not be able to available for this to compete this way without some sort of reasonable compensation.  so the difference is not feed between winning a show or a filming sessions may have multiple having a single 30-minute episode in which they win a $10,000 prize

Pretty sure somebody will ask why a $10,000 prize for the tournament winner?  Because that’s what Chopped does and it’s enough to make a large difference to a little organization but it’s not so much that it is a huge tax problem and yet doing things without something in common with the original ideas.  At this point so it’s essentially what we’re looking for is the right Benchmark, just using these numbers as starting points then seeing what the feedback is like.  Theoretically I could just have four groups in pseudo competition each walk away with $2500.

I do want to compensate because I’m going to be profiting off of the participants imagination, insight and font of wisdom that most don’t even know they have. Even if it only takes eight hours to get through a session including all the talks. photoshoot etc…  that is still valuable time to be spending away from loved ones especially as I write this on Christmas Day.

I have to make sure everybody is taken care of, because it won’t succeed without that concept if I don’t take care of the other people they won’t take care of me and I understand that.