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Sadly there is a kind of games both RPG and non- RPG I don’t like.  They can be designed this way or modded to meet someones desires but the ones I primarily mention are designer built with this play style in mind.

They are Toon, Paranoia and Screw your Neighbor although there doesn’t seem to be much of a common unifying theme betwixt these, yet the basic concept is is essentially one and the same Even though Toon and Paranoia are RPG’s while Screw Your Neighbor is a Card game in the end the Players are basically going to harm their fellows at the table a la PVP (Player Vs Player).

Though not named there are other RPG games like when Benoist Poire waxed fervent over a Sabbat high stakes game (though a Camarilla game is not immune to this) and insisted that if I try it I would love it.  Tried it before. Hated it before.

I have to admit i struggle with just the basic issue with putting these games into Heroic Tourney but I feel I have to solve this because it is a role people can take on.  Even if I feel that they are more playing the anti-heroes than what we really want to be.  Something akin to playing someone trying to avoid the forces of their own misdeeds Karma as both a mystical force and a non-mystical force which I call Newtonian Karma, for every (mis)deed there is an equal and opposite reaction.

People play this kind of game and I’m sure the people would enjoy it… so what does this mean talking specifically about  speaking I also think that people can be good or bad at these games and especially if they only had a team each other in disorder environment so what we need to do is figure out how we’re going to provide the players with the ability to conflict with each other without giving him a free pass in a v a three-year one is 0 in in the store

Do we reward player A & B for working together to screw over player C?  If player A kills player B you know what happens. Player B is usually out of the game for a least a little while (possibly only long enough to build a new character).  and down time is something I don’t really enjoy.  I am here to game.

Yet one of the five basic concepts of heroic tourney is teamwork so how does games in which you’re going to have player versus player conflict be resolved fairly for those who prefer and play those games, quite possibly even exclusively.

One of the basic philosophies that I need to work on how I’m going to allow those players to interact within the constructs of the game show!  I mean that it’s a design feature of this style of play.  It’s certainly is not a flaw or on accident if they’re playing like politics level 11 we still need to face the fact they enjoy it and incorporate that style of gameplay or else the entire show falls apart ethically for me.

Man, even building a Show about RPG’s is like a dungeon filled with traps.

Even in certain levels of ad&d there’s a point at which your fellow players have so much magical items and you know if they have something to covet you can turn around come up with a way to kill him or let him die or something and then it’s over with except for picking up the body and dividing up the dead guys loot.

However else I feel I also believe Betrayal is ultimately a human thing and something that must be covered by an RPG.  These games found popularity and markets and may show off the best there is for their style and may have points for a well rounded RPGer to consider.

Ultimately the decision I have come to is that I am going to have to respect hierarchy. Translation: if a designer or DM assigns the Betrayal then good RP or role-playing equals betrayal.  but keep in mind Judges, Players and GM’s if it is a “power move” (read jerk move) to try and win the game it will and should cost the player performing the action (and brought up for discussion), unless built into the game by the designer or the session by the GM.