Rather than many others who blog like they have secrets, I don’t.   Here is the New Project broken down in several easy steps:

  1. Quote of the Day/Week: For those who Don’t know a QOTD or QOTW is basically some quote(s) typically taken out of context that are often hilarious.  I’ll, of course post more but Todays Quote is: “Your head is like a Wrecking ball.”  “Hell it does more damage than the one Miley Cyrus rode.”
  2. Facebook Live Interviewing:  I will be interviewing various gaming contacts I have about 1d3 categories in the same general theme Player Improvement and Tournament Play.  the Categories are generally: Player, GMing and Game Designer/Writer.  I have two lined up and I need many more so contact me and I will happily conduct 1d3 interviews.  I am aiming for Wednesdays +1 Random Day, and the results will be placed on the YouTube channel next to what we do for the show.
  3. Doing the Show: finally we have the time to do more about the show.