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There is some thought that Mage the Ascension is not conducive to superhero goodness.   It _is_ World of Darkness (WOD) so superheroes being more problematic and having more problems than not is unsurprising.

There are people who think that the superhero ideal has little to do with/does not work in Mage concepts.  But the problem I see as being one of less-than-ideal-execution than an iconic idea being bad for the system.  And since I am a fan of Superheroes it should be unsurprising that I disagree.

One of my coworkers also plays WOD and he suggested a Euthanotos Superhero like the Punisher could be fun.  I went with a more Blue Beetle theme (Inventor makes the world better!) than Punisher theme (stop it with gunz). but the idea hares closer to my heart. It also sprung the idea of a Phantom homage in the form of his mentor called Grave Walker, himself a pulpy goodness concept but decidedly Euthanotos bent.  Which is preferable over tossing everyone superhero-y into the Sons of Ether.

Hmmm  Might have to build a Verbena as a Poison Ivy knock off, that has potential too.

Well here is Mark Ink for your viewing pleasure hopefully something readable comes out of that.  If you have problems with the files ping me here or on my facebook account and i’ll see what I can do do get you a comprehensible version of MARKINK!!!!

Markink II

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