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Guild KEEP Public Sections

Further suggestions for the interior details of a KEEP that can be a good base for various Player characters. This series of posts (I, II, III) serves as an introduction to the Guild KEEP for staring off a 1E AD&D campaign based upon various ideas and notes, A Gm will need or access to: PHB, DMG, MM, Deities and Demigods and Oriental Adventures or a sharp Knife to cut away what is undesired.

In part I blame everything that forms the basis upon two people Steven S. Long and Gary Gygax.  Gygax because of Gygax, and Steve because he probably is the one who posted this as interesting. Aside from these two paragraphs the rest should be usable as a basis for a reasonable base from which adventurers can search the ruins of Ormegarten for whatever they need to fulfil their missions personal or professional.
K1. MAIN GATE: Two towers 30′ high with battlements, flank a gatehouse 20′ high. All structures and walls have archer slits for bow and crossbow fire as well as obvious signs of many a conflict with any possible weakness carefully repaired. A deep crevice circumnavigating the Guild KEEP is spanned by a drawbridge only here at the entrance (usually up unless someone is going in or out, or to speak with someone who presents themselves for entrance). There is a portcullis at the entry and a second set of large gates at the far end of the passage. The passage is about 10′ wide and high. Characters with 10 or higher Int will note the ceiling above pierced with murder holes, and walls to either side slotted for both kinds of archery. It is obvious that the building is constructed of great blocks of the hardest granite, undoubtedly common throughout the entire fortress. Two men-at-wands (AC 3, F 1, hp 5, #AT 1, D 2-7, ML 10) will approach whoever is looking for entrance when the drawbridge is lowered and the portcullis rises with much clanking of heavy chains. Each is clad in plate mail and carries a trident. They require that persons entering the KEEP put their weapons away, then will escort them through this passage into area K3.
K2. FLANKING TOWERS: Atop each tower are four alert crossbowmen with crossbows cocked and ready to fire should they note something dangerously amiss. Each is clad in chain mail (AC 5), wearing a sword and dagger, and has a shield (AC 4 when used) nearby (AC 5 or 4, F 1, hp 4, #AT 1 or 1/2 with crossbow, D 1-6, ML 10) accompanied by 1d3 lackeys. Inside each tower are 12 other men-at-wands, four being “on-duty” and armored and armed as the men-at-wands on the tower tops plus 1d4 lackeys. The other eight in the tower are resting, and it will take one full turn for these men to ready themselves for battle accompanied by 1d6 resting lackeys. They are exactly like the others, except instead of crossbows, they carry long bows. (AC 5 or 4, F 1, hp 4, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 10) The three floors of these towers will contain supplies of bolts and arrows, spears, rocks, and several barrels of oil (for hurling down on attackers). There will also be sleeping pallets, pegs with clothing belonging to the soldiers, and some small tables, stools, and benches. Each man-at-arms will have (d6) Brass Baboons and (d4) Silver Boars on his person while the lackeys have 1d10 pins.
K3. ENTRY YARD: This narrow place is paved. All entrants, save those garrisoning the keep or high noble lords (UMC or better social class), will be required to dismount and stable their animals (area K4, below). The corporal of the watch is here. He is dressed in plate mail and carries a shield, with a +1 sword and dagger at his waist (Quinn Hudson: AC 2, F 2, hp 15, #AT 1, D 2-7; Magic Sword +1, ML 11) the corporal is rather grouchy, with a low charisma, but he admires outspoken, brave fighters and is easily taken in by a pretty girl. He will be annoyed by individuals trying to bring in questionable materials. Beside him is a man in robes (a scribe) who records the name and goods of each person who enters or leaves, and flanking each man is another man-at-arms in plate with tridents as noted in 1, above. (AC 3, F 1, hp 5, #AT 1, D 2-7, ML 10) When dismounted, lackeys will come from area K4. (the common stable) to take mounts or mules, should the players demand the lackeys will show proof of the good care mounts will be given. Any goods which are not carried by the adventurers on their person will be stored in area K5 (the common warehouse).  Another lackey will then show travelers to the Traveler’s Inn (K14).

K4. COMMON STABLE: This long building is about 15′ high, with a 3′ parapet atop its flat roof, so that it can be used in defense of the gate. The gate side wall is pierced for archery. There are always 5-8 (d4 + 4) lackeys inside tending to horses and gear. Each is unarmored (AC 9) but can fight with various available weapons (pitch forks and the like treat as tridents) and each has 1-4 hit points. There will be various light horses (AC 7, HD 2, hp 8 each, #AT 2, D 1-4/1-4, ML 7) and draft horses (AC 7, HD 2 +1, hp 9 each, #AT 0) here, 2-8 of each, as well as 1-4 mules. In the back of the stables will be a dozen Coursers (AC 7, HD 2, hp 9 each, #AT 2, D 1-4/1-4, ML 8), guarded, cared for, trained and watched over by at least two Thanes (AC 6, F 1, hp 6 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 8, 12 in defense of the guild) they are fanatical Guildsmen who will obey any order from their Master.
K5. COMMON WAREHOUSE: Visiting merchants and other travelers who have quantities of goods are required to keep their materials here until they are either sold to the persons at the KEEP or taken elsewhere. The building is the same as the stable (4, above) with respect to height, parapet, guards etc. Its double doors are chained and padlocked, and the corporal of the watch must be called to gain entry, as he has the keys. Inside are two wagons, a cart, many boxes, barrels, and bales of various food items, cloth, arrows, bolts, salt, and 2d6 tuns of wine. (Average value is 100 gold pieces per wagon-load, there is 2d20 +20 wagon loads here at any time).
K6. BAILIFF’S TOWER: The manager (bailiff) of the outer bailey of the fortress lives here as does the Corporal and Scribe. (Bailiff Tom Wandson: AC 1, F 3, hp 22, #AT 1, D 2-7 due to sword +1, ML 12.) He is wearing magic plate mail +1 and wields a sword +1, and is also able to use a longbow which is hanging on the wall. He and the scribe share offices on the lower floor. Their quarters are on the second story. (Usual furnishings of bed, chest, armoire, table, chairs, rug, etc.) (The bailiff has 3d6 gold pieces with him always; the scribe has 2d6 Silver Boars and d4 gold pieces in his purse. There are 50 gold pieces hidden in the bailiff’s old boots in the armoire, and hanging on his wall is a quiver with 20 arrows, 3 of which are magic arrows +1 marked by purple banding that is also slightly raised to the touch. The scribe has a jeweled ink pot worth 100 gold pieces, but it is covered with enough dust and ink to make it look worthless, and is on his table in plain sight.) The third floor is a storage area, and the fourth story quarters twelve men-at-wands and two lackeys to aid them. Six are armored in leather and shield (AC 6) with a trident and hand axe, the other six have chain mail (AC 5), crossbow, and sword and serve as the escort of the bailiff from time to time. (F 1, hp 4, #AT 1, D 2-7, ML 10) Each carries 2d6 Brass Baboons and 1d6 Silver Boars. Their room contains pallets, pegs with cloaks and other clothing, two long tables with benches, a supply of 180 bolts, and several dozen large rocks. The whole tower is 40′ high, with a 5′ tall battlement atop it. All walls are well designed for archery and defense.
K7. PRIVATE APARTMENTS: Special quarters are available for well-to-do families, rich merchants, guild masters, and the like. The five small apartments along the south wall are occupied by families of persons dwelling within the Outer Bailey of the KEEP. The two large ones, (indicated by 7a and 7b) currently house a travelling Charm and Gem Merchant and a Priest.

Dungeon art Mine 7 TBS2

K7a. Charm and Gem Merchant: This normal man named Tarn and his Witch wife Orna (AC 8, M1, hp2, #AT 1, Damage 1d2, ML 9) are guarded by a pair of 2nd level fighters in chainmail and shield with sword and dagger. (Kip and Cecil AC 4, F 2, hp 17, 12, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 8) The four are lodged in the eastern portion of the building, the merchant and his wife being on the upper floor most of the time. Each guard commands a war dog trained to kill. (Peg and Knot AC 6, HD 3, hp 12, 11, #AT 1, D 1-6, MV 12, Save F 2, ML 9, if the players ask there is a 25% chance they may be able to find where to get more war dogs.) The merchant has a locked iron box with 100 Dragon Diamonds and 100 gold Lions inside plus 4d6 charms against farming accidents (worth 1 G.L. each). Secreted in his belt are 10 gems of 100 gold piece values each along with 1d10 charms against mishaps (worth 2 G.L. each). He will buy gems at 60% to 90% (d4 x 10 + 50%) of value. He sells at 110% to 140% (d4 x 10 + 100%) of value. His wife wears a jeweled bracelet, necklace, and earrings (2d6 x100 value each, ______,_____,____), also available for sale as per gems. They are awaiting a caravan back to more civilized lands. All persons here have 3d6 Silver Boars each upon their person. The apartment is well-furnished, but there is nothing of particular interest or value, except for the coins, gems, charms and jewelry noted. He is trying to deal with Gretchen to his benefit but this is an old duel of wits between them that his wife is opposed to him playing, preferring him to work as he has with Franco.
K7b. Priest Hans Primrose: The western portion houses a jovial priest who is taking advantage of his stopover at the Guild Keep to discuss theology with learned folk and to convert others to his faith. Everyone speaks well of him, although the two acolytes with him are avoided as they never speak; the priest says they must follow vows of silence until they attain priestly standing. His well-appointed chambers are comfortably furnished and guests are always welcomed with a cozy fire and plenty of ale or wine. The priest is a very fine companion and an excellent listener. He does not press his religious beliefs upon any unwilling person. He is outspoken in his hatred of evil, and if approached by a party of adventurers seeking the entrance to the Valley, he will certainly accompany them.

He has plate mail +1 and a shield +1 (AC -1) and a mace+1, and has a Dexterity of 15 (thus the low AC). He also has a magic cleric scroll with a hold person and a silence, 15′ radius spell on it. He appears very robust (18 hit points), as do his assistants. The latter wear chain mail, carry shields and have maces. (AC 4, C 1, hp 7 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7) Each cleric carries 4d6 Silver Boars, and wears a gold chain worth 100 gold pieces (the priests has a bloodstone gem worth 500 lions in addition). (A small sack hidden in the priest’s chair contains 30 each of Dragons, Lions, copper, silver, and Brass Baboons, plus one jeweled clasp worth 300 gold pieces. These are for bribes for subversion or to use to gain freedom if necessary.)

DM Notes: All are chaotic and evil, being in the area to spy and to defeat those seeking to gain the secrets of the ORMEGARTEN instead of their own cult. Once in the caves the priest will use a cause light wounds [does 2-7 points of damage to the creature touched, a normal “to hit” roll must be made to touch the victim] or a light spell as needed to hinder and harm adventurers. Betrayal will always occur during a crucial encounter with monsters. There is a 25% chance that the priest is allied with the Raiders camp and may be passing messages to them via the tavern when the 1 in 6 chaotic adventurer type shows up. There is a separate 25% chance the Priest is aware of some things in the ORMEGARTEN ENTRANCE VALLEY such as dealing with recent waylaying of merchants for food and sacrifices but there is only a 10% chance he will mention a medusa. And Finally, Hans may be looking for an opportunity to have the Charm and Gem Merchant waylaid by the Evil Priest as another sacrifice to their cult, especially his wife who is a good witch.
K8. SMITHY AND ARMORER: This building is about 20′ high, with the usual 5′ parapet above and walls pierced for defense. The lower floor is occupied by a forge, bellows, and other items. Here horses and mules are shod, weapons made, armor repaired and similar work done. Where most Blacksmith’s workshops are quite hot even in the depths of winter there is a surprising, to those who know the work, infrequent cooling breeze from the shop alternating with the usual blasts of heat. The smith is Frostbeard the Blacksmith also an armorer, and has two assistants. (Frostbeard: AC 7 from leather armor, F 8, hp11, #AT1, D 3-8; he uses his hammer as a weapon +2 from Strength, ML 8) His two assistants are humans: AC 8, LVL 0, hp 5 each, #AT 1, D 1-6; they will pick up any weapons handy if need be, ML 8.) There are 1d3 swords, 1d2 maces, a suit of man-sized chain mail, 1d4 tridents and 1d12+6 finished spears in the shop. The smith carries d4 lions, and each assistant has 2d6 Silver Boars.
In the second story are rooms where the smith and his assistants live. The assistant’s rooms have normal if extra warm furnishings. On one wall, there is a standing rack that decorate one of the walls containing hides, there is 20+1d10 magnificent weapon designs that can instruct a smith on how to make either rare, Oriental, or enchantable quality weapons. He also has a guide for building Bulette hide shields and converting a Bag of Devouring into a weapon by applying some adhesive on a hoop on a pole (plus some training) and using it to take out small sized critters. There is little else of value in the room but a jar hidden under the smith’s bed holds 27 Copper Goats.
As his name says he is the head blacksmith of the KEEP, he is rumored to have been a fiery redhead in his youth. His weapons workshop is quite interesting since he has quite a collection of various weapons bolted to the walls and is interested in acquiring more copies of weapons but he usually takes them apart in order to turn them into his hides in his room. The Prize of his collection is an 18-foot-long pike haft with what seems to be a ball of frost on the end. For many feet around it, the curious can see frost clinging to the rafters near the pole while feeling the cool air draft downwards any day of the year from the height of summer to the depths of winter. It is a glassteel ball that is filled with Brown mold resulting in a weapon that will deal 3d6 cold damage up to 10 feet from the center of the head to most opponents. He is too weak to work with brown mold now but if he is given enough solid reasons he will enable the cold pike to be used or even with someone who he truly trusts it might be cannibalized to make more (but the securities given for this must be strong).
Frostbeard seeks the following items or information: First bids on cartloads of supplies for fashioning his various products. This includes, but is not limited to high quality versions of the following items: Coal, Coke, Iron, Steel, Glassteel and hides both normal and unusual as well as permanent fire sources. -Giant sightings, not giant class creatures, but actual giants. and Bulette Sightings area also of interest to him.


  • Mao Ping – I really would like to get a hold of a Cho-ku-nu, and have his help in working with one to add to my collection. His moves though are strange for a warrior.
  • Franco Illitern -That annoying man! He is always trying to buy out whatever coal or coke or anything for heat that comes around!!! Or Hides! Or Iron! Dammnable man!
  • Banker Gretchen Krull – A greedy girl who seeks to make a profit off of my honest labor by charging me for storing her stuff here. I will not fall for her merchant tricks.
    Lord Marcine Dunwin -he is dark, yet he sends his enemies to the darker places before him.
  • Selpun de Ra -Don’t know anything about his past yet he states such strange things.
    Seneschal -I don’t know as much about her and her people as I would like for some of my best customers. They don’t trust me for some reason of their own.

K9. UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS: Franco Illitern is responsible for several things in the Keep. He is already considered responsible for some of the more interesting tactics used in the defense of the Keep (such as using flaming oil, and other defensive items). Involved in the drinking water of the keep and the generation of all ceramics and Glassware (he runs the kiln and glassworks). He does sell some wares (notably the adventurers standbys of Flaming Oil and Sling Bullets, paints, vials, glass mirrors and pottery) by rotating one of his assistants into running the shop below, the other three complete various tasks (such as glassblowing, potion and pouch construction) while he and one other perform experiments that in the minds of others might truly be considered mad (the day after an apprentice takes their turn at running the shop as a reward).

His shop has for sale the following items of interest on hand:

  1. Potion of Rest: This potion enables the imbiber to rest overnight and regain as many hit points as they have points of constitution for 300 Lions.
    Potions of Health: roll a d6 when drunk: 1-3 restores hit points, 4-5 25% curing a disease or neutralizing a potion (check per problem), 6 can give both effects
  2. He has up to two Minor Potions of Health (1d4) for 100 Lions each. (Free Glass and Steel Vial included). He has up to two Secundus Potions of Health (1d6) for 200 Lions each. (Free Glass and Steel Vial included). He has up to two Adequet Potions of Health (1d8) for 300 Lions each. (Free Glass and Steel Vial included)
  3. Glass and Steel vials and potion bottles: for the adventurer who has learned his lesson in having a potion break, these steel vials have glass on the inside (preventing contamination) while offering the benefits of steel protection (and saving throws) for the courier of valued liquids. 9 Silver Boars apiece, there is 2d12 available at any time.
  4. Pouch of Puissant Possibilities: this is a pouch designed by Franco and built by his assistants, there is one of each kind of the ceramic Bullets. Each one addition to dealing normal damage upon a successful strike as a sling bullet each bullet has one additional effect: Acid Slingstone (either +1d6 acid damage or force the possessor to make a save vs. acid for one item held or worn lest it be ruined), Flour Slingstone (shake before using, -2 to saves vs. fire attacks or deal +1d3 damage if they have fire source, if it strikes an invisible target will reveal its presence and a 50% chance to reveal visual illusions as such), Base Slingstone (acts as the Acid Slingstone, but will neutralize acids), Firemetal Slingstone (a soft clay covering a metal that burns in air for 2d6 Turns either setting things alight or dealing 1d2 damage each round it is left upon a normal creature it will even do 1 pip per round underwater and double damage to fire susceptible beings), Fire oil Slingstone (splashes the weaponized Flaming Oil upon the target for +1d6 if then set alight by some method), Holy Stone (this blessed bullet is filled with Holy Water dealing +1d6 damage to Undead vulnerable to Holy Water). The pouch, though large cannot safely hold anything more than the listed above contents because each stone is housed inside of some springy moss perfect for cushioning the items from nearly any incident. Each also bears a Symbol telling those familiar with the pouches which items are which at a touch. For 30 Lions apiece, there are two pouches currently built and they are quite favored by Halflings.
  5. Archers Dipping Pouch: This is a long leather gourd like item that can be easily attached to an archers’ quiver and it comes in sanctified, fiery and unsanctified versions: the fiery version is designed to allow the archer to have a pouch filled of oil for coating the tip of his arrows with (safely) and then igniting them from a fire source in order to add a pip of fire damage to his attacks and set some flammable items on fire with ease and at range. Currently it is thought to be too risky and time consuming for the archer to develop an attached fire source or to have the archer also be a torch bearer. If exposed to a fire attack the archer merely needs to a take 1 bow action to put out the fire that is slowly consuming his oil (at the same rate as a lantern) before using the flaming archery trick again. The unsanctified version allows whatever desired semi liquid materials to be used (except bases and acids this could only be solved by a reasonable source of acid/base resistant wicking fibers) while the sanctified version allows holy water to be stored and used in this manner giving a +1 pip damage to those vulnerable to Holy Water while preventing the reservoir from being contaminated. Note that all of these are highly unlikely to spill from much rough handling (requires a failed save vs. crushing blow with a +2 construction bonus in order to spill) or be harmed by nearly any attack (again saving vs. all at +2) except against Cold which only allows saves as normal. They can be yours for the low price of 30 Lions; currently there is only one available.
  6. Charms: Franco has 4d10 charms against mishaps (worth 2 G.L. each) it has no real combat effect but helps prevent non-combat mishaps typically from scything accidents which are frequently deadly. These are often bought by those whom love one who works in the fields during haying season.

His pouch of Puissant Possibilities is a good seller but others include a few potions as well as charms that might protect against scything accidents for a few days (he imports these from Lakeside via the Charm and Gem Merchant [K7a] and they are sold most frequently during the haying days). He does not identify any items nor share his design works unless they bring him a Charm of the Armorer, a potion of Sweetwater or spent 1000 Lions in his shop.  From then on he will charge regular prices for testing compounds (Ointments, unguents, potions and similar things which are the only kinds of items he can identify) and begin to share designs.
Also of interest to employers of his usual suggested items he could make or design special order items (which take 2d4 weeks in each case) or he may allow a copy of a previously built design for building by others that (again) he trusts. It takes 1 week of copying to duplicate a design for others to try to build unless a Read magic spell is employed for deciphering the design in which case it takes 4 turns.

Franco will mention to adventurers that he Seeks: A Charm of the Armorer, potions of Sweetwater, decanters of endless water, and any alchemy items (basically anything dealing with making certain there is fresh pure water accessible in the Guild Keep or aiding his studies.) A reasonable source of acid/base resistant wicking fibers is also desired as well as first bid on cartloads of supplies for fashioning his various products. This includes, but is not limited to high quality versions of the following items: Clay, sand, coal, iron and hides normal and unusual as well as permanent fire sources.


  • Mao Ping -he is a stranger who still behaves strangely, yet he will buy all the inks and paints my protégé’s can be induced to produce.
  • Lord Marcine Dunwin -He has defended the keep quite well. I foresee no problems with him in the future unless… We rely upon him too heavily.
  • Seneschal Stephanie Dunlack – I will speak nothing bad about her except perhaps she is ready to retire.
  • Banker Gretchen Krull – I don’t like her fiscal policy (having been on a bad end of one of her ‘deals’ which cost him in the form of a handful of Dragon Diamonds).
  • Frostbeard- Bah! That man could try the patience of any godly fellow! No more no more, please see my incredible designs and what wonders I can create with my skills and minds.

K10. TRADER: This place deals in all armor, weapons, the equipment needed for dungeon adventurers and large quantities of goods such as salt, spices, cloth, rare woods, etc.… Except for those handled by Franco Illitern (whose prices and quality cannot be beat because of the difficulty in transportation of glass etc.…). The trader is very interested in obtaining furs though he will also likely be a good contact for any wagonloads of materials to be sold. (Prices for sale are as per the rulebook, purchases from adventurers are at 50% of listed cost, except for furs which will be bought by him at whatever their stated value is if the seller demands.) He is a normal man (Marco Redder: AC 9, LVL 0, hp 2, #AT 1, D1-6, ML 7); his two sons are likewise (Kim & Jerrod AC 9, LVL 0, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7) in times of need they all have leather armor and shield (AC 6) and will help man the walls or otherwise fight with a spear or trident. He has a strong box with 100 gold pieces, 16 Copper Goats, and 30 Brass Baboons in the shop (Hidden under the floorboards of their small apartment are 500 lions and 1,110 Silver Boars. Each carries 2d6 gold pieces in his purse.) His wife (Lisse) and two youngest children (Daria and Jenna) live in a small apartment in the place though they may be found in the shop 25% of the time.
K11. LOAN BANK: Here anyone can change money or gems for a 10% fee. The banker, one Gretchen Krull was originally sent to the keep as a criminal rather than lose her hand. She won her freedom and rose to prominence by successfully smuggling needed supplies over two sieges. Since then the loot she acquired she reinvested in loaning money has let her become a rather successful banker. Gretchen will also keep a person’s wealth stored safely at no charge if it is left for at least one month; otherwise there is a 10% fee. Loans at an interest rate of 10% per month can be obtained for up to 5 gold pieces with no security deposit; over 5 gold pieces requires some item of at least twice the value of the loan. A sign on the shop states clearly that this place is under the watchful eye of the Guild and the Keep, and there is always a man-at-arms in chain mail with long bow and sword watching the place from tower at K12. (AC 5, F 1, hp 4, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 10) She is a ‘retired’ 5th level thief (AC 9, T 5, hp 12 #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 9) with a sword handy, and a suit of leather armor stored in her apartment above (AC 8). She carries 2d6 Dragons and 2d12 lions with her.) There is a scrawny old clerk in this place as well (Adix a 2nd level magic-user, 5 hit points, with sleep and ventriloquism spells ready) who typically handles transactions. His spell book hidden behind a plank in the ceiling has 2d8 other first level spells and 1d2 2nd level spells. A hired mercenary fighter grey haired, and swarthy looking with an evil eye to scare the pants off of anyone younger than 20 is called Masrham (AC 3, F 1, hp 7, #AT 1 or 1/2 with crossbow, D 1-8, ML 8) in plate mail and armed with battle axe and loaded crossbow is on guard inside the door.
Gretchen needs little from anyone and likes to keep it that way. Should she hear of cunning secret compartments, wickedly devious traps or small mechanical devices she is likely to be interested and perhaps try to get enough information to build a slightly different version or hire the speaker to show her the basics.


  • Mao Ping -I don’t like him and I wish he was gone. (she could be prejudiced, disturbed by feelings for him etc.…) -I suspect him of planning on funding a future school in the area for his dark arts.
  • Lord Marcine Dunwin -Would that I could convince him to become the real lord of this Keep I could then makes some handsome profits with his steady hand instead of the Wolfqueens handmaiden (insulting to Stephanie Dunlack).
  • Seneschal Stephanie Dunlack – I will speak nothing bad about her except perhaps she is ready to retire. -She’s interfered with my profits many times, but a new player would be more fun.
  • Franco Illitern – Quite useful really, he keeps us safe and makes me quite wealthy. – If only I could convince him to make me guardian of profits for him instead of plowing it back into research we could shortly make some real money.
  • Selpun de Ra: -He never seems to lack for money and some of his coinage I have seen is… odd. -He is up to something weird.

Displayed for sale in her shop are the following items:

  • 1 carved ivory tusk — price 50 G.L.
  • 1 silver cup — 20 Lions
  • 1 crystal decanter — priced to 45 G.L. (actual worth 10 lions)
  • 1 jade ring — price 250 G.L. (actual worth 400 G.L.)
  • 1 dagger with jeweled scabbard — price 600 G.L.
  • 1 fur-trimmed cape — price 75 gold
  • 3 blank vellum books — to be sold for 20 Lions each
  • 1 gold & silver belt — priced for 90 G.L.
  • 1 set of thief’s tools — price 100 G.L. (actual worth 35 G.L.)
  • 1 iron box with secret lock — price 50 G.L.
  • 1 carved enameled wooden box with an Asian motif — priced at 35 Lions

The strong room of the place is in the cellar. It is protected by a locked iron door which leads to a small vault with 24 compartments each protected by locks with 25% having hidden poison needles (save versus Poison at +1 or die) and some contain more than one trap. If a character wishes to acquire a better defended safety box, they may pay 100 lions for the privilege though this is not bandied about. These compartments hold the following items:

#1, #4, #11 and #’s 13-22 are empty.
#2 has 277 G.L. and 1 gem worth 500 Gold.
#3 has a gold altar service set worth 6,000 G.L.
#5 is trapped with a sleeping gas — no save, sleep for 3 turns; characters above 4th level save vs. Poison to avoid the effect.
#6 has 1,000 each dragons, lions, boars, Goats and Brass Baboons.
#7 has four pit vipers (AC 6, HD 1, hp 5 each, #AT 1, D 1-4 plus poison, MV 30, Save F 1, ML 7) pets of Adix.
#8 has 3 gems of 1,000 Lions value, 4 of 500 G.L, 11 of 100 G.L, 25 of 50 Gold, and 18 of 10 G.L. value.
#9 has an arrow trap which will always hit anyone in front if its door — 4 arrows each doing 1-6 points of damage (Divide arrows amongst persons in front).
#10 has an alabaster and gold statue worth 3,000 G.L. in a rare wood and silk case worth 600 Lions.
#12 has a sack with 58 Dragon pieces and 91 goats in it.
#16 This chest is Empty however if an investigator pushes against the bottom of the front upwards they will discover that the chest is attached to the floor and reveals a hollow space underneath perfect for hiding all sorts of valuables. It appears to be a new construction and both containers are currently empty.
#20 this chest has teeth-like gears that try to grab the clothing or hair/flesh of a would-be thief as they snap out when the lid is raised before properly disengaging the winding mechanism on the back. It only does 1 pip of damage but it seems that it is intended to force the thief to leave behind some personal clues for tracking later. Part of this mechanism involves the use of a dozen Diamond dragons. The trap can be disassembled by spending an hour taking it apart or smashing it with a hammer very noisily for a few turns.
#23 this chest has dozens of scrolls all of which require much careful handling as they are obviously old and or damaged. They contain two sources of information the first group is either original foreign writings (collected by Master Mao in making his temple) or copies of same. Applying the dictates of some 50% of these scrolls when read could enable the possessor to Master the Shifting Sands over their lives. Someone who is not familiar with Master Mao’s tongue will be unable to read it without a magic spell. Read magic will only confirm it is a foreign language but will give that clue. There are 14 scroll cases of beautiful carved and inlaid wood, 12 are worth 5 G.L, 1 worth 100 Lions, and 1 including some scrimshaw is worth 300 G.L. these all protect the most fragile of scrolls. The Scrolls themselves are worth nothing truly except as a part of a library or to one who wishes to learn.
#24 this chest contains five letters of mark each one promises the repayment of 2000 gold to Master Mao. One is from the Charm and Gem merchants’ wife, one from Charlotte the Good and three are from various members of the current rulers the Wolfqueens. At any time it might contain 1d100 of Brass, copper, Silver, and gold pieces waiting for conversion and or investment.
(Empty compartments #1, #4, #11, #14 indicate funds out on loan. #’s 6&8 belongs to the banker.)

Dungeon art Mine 8

K12. FESTIVAL WATCH TOWER: This 45′ tall tower has all of the usual defensive devices but is home to more useful guards who see to it directions are given as well as peace is kept within the interior and disputes are less of a problem especially during notable events. It houses six men-at-wands in chain mail (AC 5) with bows and swords, 6 others in leather and carrying shields (AC 6) and tridents (F 1, hp 4 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 10), and the captain of the watch (Bess Wicken: AC 2, F 3, hp 20, #AT 1, D 2-7 with dagger +1, or 3-8 with sword +2, ML 11). The captain lives on the first floor (with the usual furnishings, but she has a silver flagon and tankard worth 750 G.L.). She is known to carry quite a bit of money with her because she may use the funds judiciously to buy peace (20 dragon pieces, 11 gold lions, 8 Silver Boars), although the soldiers have only small coins (2d6 Silver Boars each). The second and third floors are barracks for the men-at-wands. The upper story holds a supply of 200 arrows, many rocks, 2 barrels of oil, and 24 spears.
K13. FOUNTAIN SQUARE: There is a large, gushing fountain in the center of the square. On trade days, feast days and holidays, local farmers and tradesmen set up small booths to sell their goods in this place.
K13 a. MASTER MAO PINGS SCRIBNER CORNER: Master Mao is an Asiatic man wearing a gi with a plain obi, during daylight hours he is 25 % of the time found tucked into one of the corners teaching Writing and calligraphy “the art of true writing” as Master Ping calls it. 50% of the time he is training a few students in his Martial style of Shifting Sands whom he hopes to form a core of willing students and eventually a school in scribing both mundane and artistic as well as the Shifting Sands style (eventually enabling him to set himself up to become a Grand Master of Letters) the rest of the time he will be taking care of personal business. By spending two Brass Baboons a day for a full 30 days (60 pieces of Brass in total) the characters may train to learn from Master Mao Ping the basics of his style and both mundane writing as well as his artistic style he calls calligraphy. Before nightfall he will turn in his funds to Gretchen and then during the night he will tell stories about his homeland (1 in 20 may reference a Goblin Spider) until he is tired then he will bid all a good night, go to sleep on a little mat in the corner and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Mao Ping is offering rewards for flindbars that are turned into him, usually he will offer full training in writing and his martial art, and other options may include civil engineering or even his spoken language. -As Master Mao he is also seeking information related to any of the martial practitioners who may have passed this way. (30% of the time he is worried about someone hunting for him, 30% of the time it is nothing interesting merely an old habit, 40% of the time it is to collect their secrets to make his intended school library better. -Mao Ping is secretly “rich” he not only lives simply while earning far more from art, scribing, and teaching than he spends but he is planning upon campaigning for construction of a fortified monastery, he needs information on who to speak to that might help him or others to speak on his behalf. -Seeks a good place nearby, possibly seeking to go to the Wolf Queens and ask for a land grant adjacent to the Keep in order to eventually form the center of a fortified town. -The monk needs a good location to quarry the tons of hardest granite he will need for a fortified temple in the area.


  • Lord Marcine Dunwin: -He is never seen during the day except in the catacombs. -His Thanes and… odd… beasts have many a time joined sorties during the day but his sorties are only at night. The warrior lord always appears at night he is never seen during the day anywhere he could not have walked without running across even the most errant of sunlight. -He worries me like no other secret in this place. But he does destroy the foul beasts that assault this place better than even I.
  • Franco Illitern: -He spends too much time making toys instead of making people better.
  • Gretchen Krulls – I do not know why she is worried about me.
  • Seneschal Stephanie Dunlack -She is decent to me yet too concerned about this world.
  • Frostbeard -Like Master Illitern he is more concerned about the toys of this world rather than the glories of the next.
  • Selpun de Ra: he has an inner strength yet his mind is burdened. He knows paths others may not be able to pass along.

DM Note: Mao is likely to get permission for the temple. It would be a good expansion for the town and thought helpful for when they do manage to contact the Asiatic peoples. Of course when it comes to contacting a foreign power it is more nuanced and complex than that but perhaps a foot in the right direction.

K14. TRAVELERS INN: This long, low structure has five small private rooms and a large common sleeping room for a full dozen. (Servants and the like always sleep in the stables, [4] of course.) Private rooms cost 1 Lion per night, but sleeping in the common room is only 1 Silver Boar per night. The innkeeper and his family live in a small loft above the inn. They are obviously normal persons of no fighting ability. This building is some 18′ high.

K15. TAVERN: This place is the favorite of visitors and inhabitants of the KEEP alike. The food is excellent, the drinks generous and good. The place is always active, with 4d4 patrons at any time of day or night. The bill of fare reads: ALE, SMALL BEER, WINE, HONEY MEAD, PINE TEA, BARK TEA, PICKLED BEETS, BREAD, PUDDING, SOUP, STEW, PICKLED EGGS, ROASTED BEAST, ROAST FOWL, GOAT JOINT, HOT PIE, CHEESE, and FRUIT. The barkeep, if talking with a good customer and drinking to his health, will sometimes talk about the lands around the keep (1 drink per story, half of which may be true he might reveal others ruminations, goals etc…). He is known to hate small beer and love honey mead.

Dungeon art Mine 6 TBS Stories he may tell include (fill these seeds out with various details and half believed flights of fancy):

  1. A natural disaster has opened a new pathway near enough to the keep (add in sightings of either a meteor strike or volcanic eruption nearly a century ago, The seas are collapsing/filling some part of underworld, a subterranean volcanic eruption etc…) or is forcing out creatures of the very bottom of the world or other lands to come here and the result is weaker creatures getting pushed around finally seeking a release in the rumored ease of facing off against the Keep.
  2. The evil is a test by some powerful supernatural force. Or it could even be a plan by anything from a greater god, demonic being or demigod to move things into better alignment with their own plans.
  3. There are crones and magical servants who are aware of buildup of events in a far greater area than they should be.
  4. There is an evil known as Charlene who has as minions the Candy Cane Gang.

There is a 50% chance that 2-5 (d4 + 1) of the patrons will be mercenary men-at-wands or newly released lackeys looking for work. (AC 6, F 1, hp 5 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7) Each will have leather armor & shield, and sword and dagger; all other desired equipment must be purchased by the employer, including missile weapons, and dungeon gear.

Wages for duty include all gear purchased, room and board, and 1 s.b. per day of service. If no gear is purchased, the cost rises to 1 G.L. per day. (Note that a mere spear or minor equipment is considered as no gear.) It is always necessary to buy mercenaries a drink before discussing terms of employment.
There is a 10% chance that each of the following persons will be in the tavern at any given time: CORPORAL OF THE WATCH (K20), CAPTAIN OF THE WATCH (K18), BAILIFF (see K6, above), PRIEST (see K7b, above), 2-4 WATCHMEN (see K12, above), SERGEANT OF THE GUARD (see K18, below), A WANDERER (a 1st (20%), 2nd (60%) or 3rd (20%) level NPC: 60% human(Fighter, Mage, Cleric or Thief; 10% chance of being a subclass), 10% are dwarves, 10% are elves, 10% are Halflings and the last 10% is an Asiatic character, or as the DM decides something even less common with complete equipment for adventuring; such a wanderer is 75% likely to join an expedition if offered 25% of the treasure gained, but 1 in 6 will be of chaotic alignment and likely to betray their employers at a time that will be bad for the players).
The taverner is a normal man (Cidrek Rosespun: AC 9, LVL 0, hp 6, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7), as are his son and the pot boy (Elion & Gerrick: AC 9, LVL 0, hp 5, 2, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7), but in time of need they will don leather armor, carry shields (AC 6), and bear arms against attackers. The place is also served by his wife, daughter, a serving wench, and a scullion. The wife and daughter (Nice & Tourma) will man the walls also while the wench and scullion (Pendra & Ulne) will provide support. (The owner and his son each have 2d6 lions in their purses, the wife d6 boars; all others have 2d6 coppers and 1d10 pins.) The cellar is where drink and food are stored and prepared, and where the servants sleep. The family sleeps in the small loft. (Hidden in an old crock under empty flour bags in the back room are 82 Brass Baboons, 29 Silver Boars, 40 Copper Goats, and 17 gold pieces.)

There is one other unusual character who passes through (but does not truly patronize the tavern) he is a striking appearing man with extremely long blond hair, large green eyes and he prefers to wear lighter lavender like hues which are exceptional with his complexion. Selpun de Ra, he behaves oddly and keeps discrete about most of his abilities [he is a 12th level psionic Sage; he’s been everywhere and is an extra planar specialist and minors in psionic abilities. (AC 8, even though he wears leathor armor his poor Dex interferes W12, hp 23, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 8, S:12, I:17, W: 16 D:5 Co:9 Ch:16) Psionic strength: 98 points, Ability = 196, Attack: A. B. E. Defense: F. G. I. Possessing skills in Hypnosis (up to 78 levels) Levitation of up to 1200 lbs. and can heal up to 36 points of damage on himself or others through Cell Adjustment in a single day as well as cure diseases and he has 100% success with Probability Travel. He avoids using these abilities and if caught using these abilities he claims it is either a magical item or some result of his sage studies.] He is most frequently seen to walk in (and almost as often trip over or knock into a bunch of assorted cleaning supplies) and out of a broom closet and it is well known among the trade folk he could easily get rich, but he merely suggests things to others that make them better able to do things.


  • Mao Ping -he is a stranger who still behaves strangely. Yet I have almost never met a more graceful man in both art and movement.
  • Franco Illitern -he is smart enough to leave me alone. -he is gifted if only for his skill at anti-erm I mean modern techniques.
  • Banker Gretchen Krull – Her cunning is quite difficult to match.
  • Frostbeard -If he could only change up to paper instead of using hide! -he is gifted if only for his skill at clas-erm I mean advanced techniques.
  • Lord Marcine Dunwin -Er… yes he’s had been quite good to the keep, for his own reasons.

K16. GUILD HOUSE of Lord Marcine Dunwin: When members of any Subordinate of the Traders Guild (merchants, craft, artisans, etc.) or members of the orders of the Cups travel to this area, they are offered the hospitality of this two-story building. This is a fee collection and administrative post that predated the Keep, and the staff is careful to observe what traffic passes through the KEEP. Any trader who passes through must pay guild dues of 5% of the value of his merchandise, but he then gains the protection of the Guild House, assuming he is not a regular member. Craftsmen and artisans must gain Guild permission to enter or leave the land, paying a fee of 2d6 gold pieces either way (depending on the value of their trade).
The lower floor contains the Lord’s and his two clerks’ quarters and an office (all sparsely furnished, but the Master has a gold ring worth 50 G.L. [with a Nystuls Magic Aura cast upon it], and 2d6 G.L. in his purse; each clerk has d4 each of gold lions, silver boars, and Brass Baboons. A strongbox under the Master’s bed holds 700+1d100 lions.) Next to it is his meditation mat upon which he sits and meditates during the day (the mat conceals as well as containing some earth from his grave, his bed is rarely used). The clerks are normal men (AC 9, LVL 0, hp 4 each, #AT 1 or 1/2, D1-6, ML 7), with chain mail (AC 5), crossbows, and swords kept in a closet for quick use. There are two servants who will not fight and who have quarters in the cellar. The upper floor is divided into two private rooms and a dormitory for guests. As the Master of the Guild of Cups for this area he is very influential, and his favor or dislike will be reflected in the treatment of persons by fortress personnel. Four Thanes with leather armor and shields and armed with spear and sword are on duty at all times, two on the first floor, two above (AC 6, F 1, hp 6 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 8, 12 in defense of the guild) they are fanatical Guildsmen who will obey any order from the Master. Guests of the Guild eat here, drinking to excess is frowned upon.


Underneath much of the Keep there is some Catacombs, built by the guild for their White Cups members as well as defense of the KEEP, the only entrance is in the bottom floor of the guild house underneath the Guild masters desk (it runs next to the Cellar) and is well soundproofed. The 40-foot ladder has leather on the rungs to prevent noise from those passing up or down the ladder and it terminates in CAT1. Most of those who work with the Lord and guild master as his Thanes are familiar with this because of their duties but the servants are not. Lord Dunwin is rarely disturbed during the day and all are advised to seek him after dusk because of his duties for the guild that he takes seriously.
Lord Marcine Dunwin (he possesses that rank of fighter) though not the lord or even Seneschal of the Keep he is a representative of the Order of the White Cups operating as the Trading authority for the region and has been selected for this position by his Cups contacts in the area. Having much concern over the increase in monstrous contacts over last 40 years and is currently interested in pushing back the evil in the region then finding out the cause behind this recent sustained activity that hampers the search for a way to the East. Previously he has already burned them out once before in an attempt to keep the caves unoccupied but that he has determined was a failure.
Marcine offers rewards for those who bring in Gnollish Greatbows or Gnollish Great Crossbows. The rewards can include support/patronage, tutelage and possibly even induction to the Order for those fighters who show superior abilities.   Lord Dunwin believes there is a contract holding something dark (either at bay, as a prisoner or in wait against a future need) he wants the contract or certain proof of its destruction. (Note these things when destroyed leaves behind clues as to it being and how it is done in order to increase the likelihood of it being done again).

This dark lord is starting to become convinced that something occurred in the Broken Lands that has changed the flow of evil in the area. Whether these are reasons for good or ill he has not yet determined. He has no Idea what it is or it could be and will not share these weighty concerns lightly with anyone and is very unlikely to do so with anyone permanently attached to the KEEP.  Should the party rescue merchant prisoners Lord Marcine will offer a night as guests at his table to them. They may pick up clues about him and he shall be looking into them as well.


  • Mao Ping -he is a stranger who still behaves strangely. -I suspect him of planning on funding a future school in the area.
  • Franco Illitern -he is smart enough to leave me alone.
  • Banker Gretchen Krull – She pretends to be a Fawning lap dog but has too much of the wolf in truth. She is one who only judges’ others purpose to her benefit.
  • Frostbeard -An excellent man and the Keep is well prepared by having one such as him on our side. -he well knows the training of lackeys in the care of horses for which I am grateful. -Such a fiery redhead in his youth… I have heard.
  • Selpun de Ra -People complain about ME? Harrumph!

K17. CHAPEL: The spiritual center of the Keep is opposite the Guild House. This building has a peaked roof two stories tall; the interior is one large room. The altar is located at the eastern end, with a Stained-glass window (worth 350 G.L. intact) above it allowing good light for reading and appearing impressive. the window is 20′ tall and 8′ wide. An offering box is fastened securely atop a heavy pedestal in the southeast corner; it contains 1-100 pins each evening which is taken by the Curate (5th level cleric), who changes them into real money then deposits the coins with the Banker (K11, above).
A small stairway in the northwest corner, behind the bare wooden pews, leads to the cellar, where the Curate one Loren Amaranath and his three assistants have their quarters.

The Curate is quite an influential person in the Keep much like the Seneschal (K27, below). (AC 8 or 0 due to plate mail +1, normal shield, and a ring of protection +1, C 5, hp 24, #AT 1, D 2-7, ML 10). He will wield a mace + 1 or a snake staff +1. On command, the staff turns into a snake and coils around the person hit making certain the victim is held helpless until The Curate recalls the staff (or for 1d4 turns maximum). The snake staff can crawl back to the cleric on command. He rarely wears his armor (unless the Keep is threatened), but is never without his ring and Staff. His three Acolytes (AC 9 or 2, C 1, hp 6, 5, 5, #AT 1, D 1-6, ML 7) have access to plate mail and shield (AC 2) and mace. They are normally clothed in robes (AC 9) but will arm for battle on command of Curate Amaranath. The Curate normally carries the following spells: cure light wounds, detect magic, bless, hold person. He will only use the cure on a member of his congregation, an officer of the Guard or a shopkeeper.
All of the clerics’ armor and weapons are stored in the Curate’s locked room in the Chapel cellar, which has normal but sparse furnishings. The Chapel also owns several magic potions (3 of healing, 1 of ESP, 1 of gaseous form) and a magic scroll with one cure disease, one hold person, and three cure light wounds spells on it. All of these magic items are hidden in a secret compartment underneath the offering box pedestal. The door of the compartment cannot be found unless the pedestal is moved which is often noisy. The door has two locks in it; the Curate and the Seneschal have the only sets of keys and neither will open it without the Keep being under siege.
If questioned closely by a friend or member of his congregation, the Curate might (50% of the time) reveal his distrust of the Priest (7b, above) who visits the Keep regularly. The Acolytes, however, think very highly of the Priest, and will say so to any who ask about him.
K18. INNER GATEHOUSE: This stone structure is itself like a small fort. The southern portion is only about 15′ high, plus battlement; the rear part is some 30′ tall, plus battlement. There are arrow slits in the southern section of course, and along the walls of the 20′ wide, 10′ high passage through to the north. This passage slopes upwards towards the inner courtyard. The heavy gates are double bound with iron and spiked. There are six guards on duty at all times (two inside the gateway, two on the lower battlement, two on the upper), plus one officer on call (see below). No visitor is allowed beyond this point except by invitation or unless he or she has special permits.
The first floor of the place is the main armory. There are 3d12 of shields and 1d12 of each sort of weapon. Two small rooms are quarters for the Sergeant and Captain of the Guard (furnishings are sparse). The second story on the north houses the Guardsmen and stationed here. Captain of the Guard Sean Wolfsblood: (AC 0, due to plate mail +1 and shield +1, F 3, hp 24, #AT 1, D 1-6 plus magical bonus, ML 11). He has a sword +2 and a spear +1 frequently at hand. This man is very kind, friendly and an excellent leader. (He will sometimes move about in the Outer Bailey disguised as a mercenary without his notable arms and armor.) He has 15 gold pieces and a 150 G.L. gem in the pommel of his dagger.
Sergeant of the Guard, Lyle Lorenain: (AC 2, due to chain mail with a shield +1, and a ring of protection +1, F 2, hp 16, #AT 1, D 3-8 due to Strength plus magic weapon bonus, ML 11.) This very strong fellow (strength 17) is a hard fighter and loves to drink and brawl while not on duty. He wields a sword +1 and a dagger +1. He carries d6 each of gold, pins, and Silver Boars. (There is a potion of healing in a chest in his room under a spare cape.)
Guardsmen: There are 24 quartered here with 2d10 lackeys. Each has chain mail and shield, sword, dagger, and hand axe. Eight are crossbowmen, eight are long bowmen, and eight have tridents. (AC 4 or 5 when not using shield, F 1, hp 5 each, #AT 1 or 1/2 for crossbows, D 1-6, ML 10) Two from each group are on duty at any given time; the rest take a full turn to arm and armor to turn out. Each has 2d6 Silver Boars.


A LOAD OF LACKEYS: Event for passing throughout the keep. 2d12 wagons loaded with a new group of acquired lackeys as well as supplies for the keep arrive. This is a combination of mass chaos as well as interesting times from pain of the dealing with and handling of the criminal gangs (who are new suspects of misbehavior) to looking over the volunteer lackeys for signs of a new hero from the dozens of new Wands.
HEROES UNLEASHED: In a public ceremony 1d4 Lackeys are released from service in recognition of past deeds on a major divinity Holliday, this may refresh the party or provide other opportunities.
FESTIVAL DAY: A large party of merchants and guards arrive at the keep in order to hold a festival (to their profit of course) throwing the whole keep into a frenzy of barely ordered activity.  If this does happen then likely this is the group the Merchant in K7a were awaiting, a caravan back to more civilized lands.  If the Evil priest in K7b is not dead he may well make a last try to cunningly get one or both kidnapped under the confusion and taken to the Ormegarten Entrance Valley for a ritual sacrifice.