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This post is about releasing the Heroic Tourney raw footage for viewing in a standardized format, the plot is to talk about the viewing, view the footage (which it has been over 6 months at this point since last seen) and then talk for a few minutes about the after viewing feelings.

My notes (not necessarily reflected in the comments below) include:

Camera one is typically focused on the location James and Wendy sat at that day, raw footage includes things such as people blocking the camera and focusing elements.

We have the syncing clap and basic introduction of the participants.

Then we have Scott launching into his introduction and exposition for the the scenario as the team starts working on the mystery of the Alien attack.  All of which you can see here!

And my After Action Review of the contents is here.

By the by my cousins name (sorry for blanking on that, guy!  Blaming that on having a Swiss cheese ADD based memory and working two jobs) who did the camera work is Adrian Romero, and cameras/location provided by Spectrum Media!


A good thing too this is the video to start with, the first section from the second camera is… not as good of a starting choice from what I recall about it. Though it may be the next one released, Stay Tuned!!!