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Or Grazz a character who defines a world by existing.



So the character I mentioned a while ago (at the start of the blog) is sort of creating a universe around him to support his odd decision tree that makes the character unique.  Combining Asian clan development with Scottish Highlanders… er, well… i don’t recall seeing it before.

Not sure how useful to develop the character for V&V and MSH, they are not well supported for Fantasy campaigns.

he also has a name, a clan name, a few backgrounds and powers as well as an origin that at least makes him unusual for the campaign and marking the world as different than something along the lines of other mutant animal campaigns.

Identity: Grazz Character Name: Grazz Chadinar of Clan Chadinar Player name: Base of Operations:
Sex: M Training Suggestions: Genre: Group Affiliations:
Age and Appearance: 40 He could easily be described as a human-spider-bear mix as terrible in combat as his nightmare form suggests.  He should try to stay away from combat Character Quotes: You only forgot one thing, I’m from the Highlands.  My mother was Bear clan, perhaps they will help. Game master: Campaign name:
Alternate Identities: Rach, Nomhoz, Clan Leader of Spider Clan, Wood Spider, Origin and Background: Originally chosen by his position at birth to be a leader of the Highlander Spider clan an ancient weakness was exploited from his mothers line by a sorceror invigorating a dormant curse resulting in him gaining more beastial features from not only his mothers Bear clan lineage but his Fathers Spider clan also was bound to leave this mark of dark magics.
Weight: Basic hits: Rank Rank or number Characteristics + Powers + Skills, Perks and Talents= Total Character cost Base Points + Available from disadvantages + Experience = Maximum
Agility mod: Fighting Excellent Val Characteristics Cost Base Roll Notes: Points
Strength: Endurance: Agility Good Strength x1 10 HTH Damage in d6’s
Agility: Intelligence: Strength Good Dexterity x3 10 OCV:   DCV:
Char: Reaction: Endurance Typical Constitution x2 10
Hit point modifier:     (  ) (  ) (  ) (  ) = Healing Rate: Reason Excellent Body x2 10
Hit Points (   ): Power (   ): Intuition Excellent Intelligence x1 10 per Roll
Psyche Typical Ego x2 10 ECV
Movement Rates: Health (F+A+S+E) Presence x1 10 Pre Dice:    d6
Comliness x1/2 10
Karma (R+I+P) Physical Defense x1 Str/5 Resistant:    Total:
Energy Defense x1 Con/5 Resistant:    Total:
Accuracy: Damage Mod: Resources Excellent Speed x10 1+Dex/10 Phases: 6 7 8 9 10 11
C. Cap: Basic HTH Damage: Recovery x2 (Str/5)+(Con/5)
Popularity Poor Endurance x1/2 Conx2
Stun x1 Bd+(St/2)+(Cn/2)
Detect Hidden: Detect Danger: Special Abilities: Run x2 6″ x2 non-combat multiplier
Talents: Scottish Highlander Language of Arachnids Swim x1 2″ x2 non-combat multiplier
Inventing Points: Martial Arts A,C, & D Leadership Vertical leap Spl. Str/10 x2 non-combat multiplier
Inventing %: Contacts: Other members of the Bear and Arachnid Clans HLeap Spl. Str/5 x2 non-combat multiplier
Security Clearance: Characteristics Total Cost:
Powers: Powers: Powers: Warrior, Spider Clan, Bear Form
Arachnid animal powers: Bear animal powers: Bear Form: Warrior: typical rank Iron Will Spider Clan Wrappings (Web Powers) can use webbing at the poor rank. 10 Beast Form: Bear multipower 10 point 10 Spider Clan Wrappings 10 point Multipower
1 1 u) Bear Claws: 1/2 d6 HKA, reduced penetration (-1/2), 10/7 1 1 u) Spider move: 5″ leaping, 5″Gliding
1 2 u) Bear Strength +10 Strength 1 2 u) Spider Climbing: Clinging normal Str, no
1 3 u) Bear senses: +2 to all Senses, +2 to smell 1 3 u) Spider Gaze
1 4 u) Bear Maw:1/2 d6 HKA 10/10 1 4 u) Webbing: 5 Str Telekinisis, Reactive (+0), material based (-1/2l, 8/6
7 Warrior Deceptions Multipower 10 point OIF (Weapon of opportunity, -1/2) 10/7 1 5 u) Bite of the spider: 1 Pip Hka, AOE(1 hex, +1),
1 1 u) Singing Sword: 1 6 u) Many Spider Bites: 1 Pip Hka 10 autofire (+1),
1 2 u) Spinning Blade: +2 DCV vs all
1 3 u) Exhausting Blows +10 Strength OIF (weapon of opportunity, -1/2), x4 end cost (- 1 1/2),
Physical Challenges Cursed: 1 4 u) Whirling Blade: Missile deflection
1 5 u) Warrior Sense:
Cash: $ Total Powers Cost:
Inventions: Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:
3 Highlander Package Skill Enhancer 3 Spider Clan Package Skill Enhancer 3 Climbing 3 Paramedic 2 TF: multi limbed craft
1 (2) PS: Highlander 11- 1 (2) PS: Spider Clan 11- 3 Concealment 3 Persuasion 3 Tracking
1 (2) AK: The Highlands 11- 1 (2) AK: The Spider Lands 11- 3 Contact: 3 Power-Skill: 3 Trading
1 (2) KS: Highlands Lore 11- 1 (2) KS: Spider Clan Lore 11- 3 Contact: PS: 1 WF: Spider Clan Weapons
Total cost of Inventions: 1 (2) Language: Scottish 1 (2) Language: Arachnids 3 Conversation 3 Riding Bear Style martial Arts
1 (2) CK: Highland Society 11- 1 (2) CK: Spider Clan Society 11- 3 Deduction 3 Security Systems 5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike
2 (3) SS: Warfare 9+I/5 2 (3) SS: Spider Clan Tricks 9+I/5 5 Fast Draw: Spider Clan Weapons 3 Seduction 4 Fast Strike +2/+0 STR +2d6 Strike
1 (2) Survival: Highlands 11- 1 (2) Survival: Spider Clan Lands 11- 3 Forgery 3 Shadowing 3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage
3 Tis a Harsh Fate: +1 With all Highlander Package skill rolls. 3 Tis a Harsh Fate: +1 With all Spider Package skill rolls. 3 Interrogation 3 Sleight of Hand 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls
2 True Warrior: +1 w/ all HTH and Powers only Vs Highlander Enemies (-11/2) 2 True Warrior: +1 w/ all HTH and Powers only Vs Spider Clan Enemies (-11/2) 3 Lock-picking 3 Stealth 3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls
2 WF: Common Military Gear 1 WF: Spider Clan Gear 3 Mechanics 3 Streetwise 3 Takedown +1/+1 STR Strike; Target Falls
Monstrous 3 Acrobatics 3 Breakfall 3 Navigation 3 Tactics 4 Iron Combatant: No penalties for being in a long combat.
Amazing 3 Acting 3 Bribery 3 Oratory 3 Teamwork 5 Wealthy: clan leadership
Incredible Total Cost of Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:
Remarkable Disadvantages:
Physical limitation: Peg Leg Cursed: resulting in him gaining more beastial features from not only his mothers Bear clan lineage but his Fathers Spider clan leave a mark with every healing spell that restores the equivalent of 7 points of body or more.
Physical limitation: Bear and Spider Modifications Sol Lim: Fiscal responsibility
Social Limitation: Highlander Untrusted: not trusted by Bear Clan enough to learn their secrets
Psychological Limitation: Spider Clan Oaths Distinctive limitation: messy
Feeble Total value of Disadvantages: