2d8-1 Examples of Vehicle Powers (With Extras!) You Have Never Seen Before…

Having talked about a few other things Vehicles are a very interesting from a Super heroic point of view.  Characters across various media can be spotted with iconic vehicles from flying bathtubs and Space/time/dimension hopping booths to more mundane but no less useful designs inspired and named after the hero. There is also a great deal […]

13+1 Examples of: Infinite Cosmic Power…!!!

A request appeared on the Hero System FB page and I contributed a Few Ideas (see below) but as I decided it might be fun to go more in depth with the power selections this also started a deep think about what if anything Cosmically powered characters should and could do. Although I chose the picture … Continue reading 13+1 Examples of: Infinite Cosmic Power…!!!

Data Analysis is a good thing

So I changed some settings on WordPress over a month ago and have now switched them back because the data was not good.  Longer month, fewer views = fast way to get in trouble. (Comparing Feb to March)   I also need to start posting on my Deviant Art account  some relevant things so that I might pick … Continue reading Data Analysis is a good thing

Buffyverse notes

A while back I posted about the links between Buffy and Roseanne which did not have much to do with Gaming.  Criminal I know.  In exchange here are a few notes that I had lying around for Buffyverse in V&V.  This post also celebrates their 2017 Reunion (And thanks to Entertainment weekly for the Picture). This group of … Continue reading Buffyverse notes

2d8-1 Options for Armoring up!

Armor: As a basic description of this primarily defensive power the character has the ability to deal with damage far better than ordinary unequipped humans. Through technological means, mystic energies or having a rock-like body complete with matching internal organs the character quite possibly has several options that are usually focused upon the defensive realm. … Continue reading 2d8-1 Options for Armoring up!

1d8 ways to Win Animals and Influence Plants!

  This power is generally speaking the ability to govern beasts at a much higher level than even exceptional training can often account for. Animal/Plant Control: The Character can influence some kind of generally organic creature to do the players bidding.  Because there are too many possibilities the character should limit his targets to some … Continue reading 1d8 ways to Win Animals and Influence Plants!

Fun with Lyrics!

Filking is the official name of what buskers do when the modify the lyrics (sometimes only slightly) of a more commonly known song in order to fit a subject or audience or just their own taste.  Technically it isn't theft since parodies are covered under freedom of speech but you get the idea.  It isn't … Continue reading Fun with Lyrics!