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things though Moving slowly have been at least moving a little bit.  Here is the first design for the Heroic Tourney Judging and Reference sheet.


Basically an observer would fill out the sheet while a GM or Module builder would check off to make certain there were built in opportunities before and during play if need be.

Also could be useful if Someone needs a reminder or if I need to double check the results later on or while filming.





initial observation did the player make adjustments? did the player improve?
Player: Round one Part two Denumont Questions to consider asking During play
Roleplaying (play, Immersion) Getting into and expressing being someone else both in thought and deed, action and reaction. How rapidly did the player get into character? How effective was s/he in character? Did the other players interact with the player as the character name referencing his positions or titles so on so forth?
Minds Eye (Imagination and story support) This is not only keeping track of things such as relative positions but comprehending the other characters and the GM’s creation. Is a player treating theGM’s world and Creations as something to be valued and  interacted with or more to be used up and tossed away?
Teamwork (group/party support and cooperation) A top notch gamer can provide support no matter the position to both the GM and their fellow players. Did the player support other people at risk or cost to himself?  Did the player cooperate with others at risk or cost to himself?
Style (presentation and humor) Different than needless drama other phrases include panache and delivery.  Making the game more exciting by using dramatic skills as well as influencing fellow players. Did the player while in character cause others to chuckle in character with something the character might say?  did the player have the character try and do something dramatic that would move the story along as well as give more agency in power to the players?
Problem Solving (Resource Management) Moreso than supply mastery, this incorporates tactical utility and puzzle solving. This doesn’t just incorporate solo management of resources including hit points, items, single shot constructs etc… it also incorporates group use and suggesting advising other people although sometimes it could be gatekeeping if done poorly.
NOTES: Keep in mind when building a module for the TV show, Gming or Judging there will be a need to have three or four breaks depending upon how the set up is for filming.  The Show design is also going to need for the GM to provide each character one opportunity at least at every single one of the five categories.  That means for example each character is going to have to have five different shots.  That could be NPC interactions that could be something off the character sheet perhaps called to attention by the GM There are other options for the items to be basically levers for the player characters as pull that they can have some (observable by the judges) success or failure in the five categories.   Have questions for the Players and suggestions/ideas for positive interactions here: